Green Apple Motel

Green Apple Motel

In Motel Cretiba Mika Verde? And honey? ۔

High Paisala (=

Do you want to know what Cretiba is or the people outside who were in town, and Féo Motel Maçã Verde?

I'm looking for a guide and I think this is great.

How good are the suites for them? And location?

A desired motel (which is always full) or quiet?

And oh, we can give advice to other people which is also a good time

Quiet time, good comfort, in short, regardless of transport and price.

Thanks in advance

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Green apple

Right: AV Manuel Rebas, around Nortsol, 9900.

Holy joy

Phone: (41) 33722119.


A comfortable and safe place or Green Apple Motel that cares about the safety and privacy of its customers and offers the best service for all tastes.

:: Relax and Shark ::

Instead of the Green Apple Motel, customers can use standard services, especially to find out where their motel is. Everyone has a hot tub, air conditioning, sauna, heating and other equipment to give your guests maximum comfort and to decorate or make them smooth and clean.

:: Distinguished Maps ::

With a total of 28 suites, Motel Green Apple only serves its customers as a core supply of SpeedJim, a complete liver, made exclusively by chef Mario Caesar. Every day, whether it's an overnight stay or a stay, Motel offers its guests an honorary executive lunch, which is served from 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. From Sunday to Thursday, also for overnight stays, it offers a complimentary dinner, from 7:00 pm to midnight, and from Sunday to Thursday, overnight stays, for executive coffee. Please note that there is a charge per stay.

Green Apple Motel.

Critiba has hundreds of great slogans, Chiquérimas. He was not worried. Kisses, flowers go to us.

I don't like green apples very much.

I don't know which BR is closer to you, but the BR116 for the motor © Ponta A Sao Miles.

I just chose to order:

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Not like SJP, ac que or melràLe or Le Nouage anymore.

Tamels, or dealing with celebrities.

Green Apple Motel