Definition of Greed:

  1. Selfish desire for something more than you need. Greed is usually associated with wealth or power.

    Greed is the desire to own or acquire something that is not only necessary for your own survival, but also harmful to others. Also, greed often describes a person who is never enough. The more he worked, the more he wanted and never was satisfied. Possible consequences of unbridled greed are bankruptcy, misery and even criminal fines.

    In corporate America, greed is often associated with investment fraud and tax evasion.

    Perhaps the most famous example of greed is the Bernie Meadows Ponzi program, the largest scam program in American history. Bernie Medoff, a financial adviser to his own company, also known as Bernard L. Medoff Investment Securities LLC, is a former president of Nasdaq. He used his position as a financial advisor and president of his company to convince investors that he was making a lot of money. Instead of spending the money, he deposited it in a bank account. The statement given to the investors will show that the actual return is the amount earned by the new investor. The project worked when new investors came and old investors did not want to take advantage of it. In fact, there was no profit, and the system finally collapsed when Medvedev defrauded investors of more than سے 65 billion. Madoff is very greedy in his words, I live in luxury. I stopped buying planes with someone else. He has a boat [and four houses]. You are talking about someone who has a billion dollars.

    Medvedev's greed led to a sentence of 150 years in prison, in which he claimed to have helped the victims recover money. His wife divorced and his son, who worked with his father, committed suicide. According to Medvedev, he regretted his mistake. The most important thing to me is family, but they are all gone. This is more than a prison sentence.

    Although the consequences of greed are not always so severe, greed damages relationships with family and friends. The subprime mortgage crisis that coincided with the US recession between 2007 and 2009 was caused by greed. The bank's desire for higher profits leads to lower credit standards, so that people can borrow more than they can afford. The charm of living in an expensive house is appealing to many people. However, many of them fail to pay their mortgages and are forced to sell their homes at a loss or bankruptcy.

  2. Strong and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food.

Synonyms of Greed

Overindulgence, Self-advancement, Inordinate desire, Individualism, Luxuria, Avarice, Deadly sin, Invidia, Possessiveness, Acquisitiveness, Rapacity, Acquisitiveness, Ego trip, Swinish gluttony, Parsimony, Remoteness, Interest, Sordidness, Pride, Craving, Ira, Avaritia, Autism, Ravenousness, Materialism, Insatiable desire, Self-esteem, Incontinence, Cupidity, Superbia, Acedia, Self-consideration, Wolfishness, Yearning, Self-absorption, Self-devotion, Lust, Narcissism, Anger, Crapulence, Covetousness, Overgreediness, Covetousness, Hoggishness, Careerism, Self-interest, Intemperance, Egotism, Gluttonousness, Gula, Miserliness, Rapacity, Greediness, Itching palm, Selfism, Swinishness, Envy, Penuriousness, Self-interestedness, Self-centeredness, Privatism, Avariciousness, Self-admiration, Graspingness, Insatiability, Gluttony, Self-occupation, Personal desires, Avidity, Avidity, Penny-pinching, Grasping, Self-jealousy, Overeating, Personalism, Self-sufficiency, Wrath, Niggardliness, Rapaciousness, Piggishness, Self-containment, Fury of desire, Hyperphagia, Sloth, Possessiveness, Omnivorousness, Voracity, Personal aims, Avarice, Selfishness, Stinginess, Gulosity, Self-seeking, Cupidity, Edacity, Self-solicitude, Voraciousness, Personal ambition, Frenzy of desire, Avidness, Meanness, Self-serving, Greediness, Self-indulgence, Graspingness, Crapulency, Self-pleasing, Intemperateness, Polyphagia

How to use Greed in a sentence?

  1. Power-hungry bananas spoiled their friendship.
  2. He is so greedy that he does not give money to charity.
  3. Its greed for boats, houses and cars led to economic catastrophe.
  4. A tenant who allowed greed to transcend his principles.

Meaning of Greed & Greed Definition