Great Eastern Knives

Incredible Eastern Cutlery (GEC) started a renaissance in exemplary conventional folding knives by assembling high caliber, traditionally planned knives. Each knife from GEC has the look, feel, and execution of an American folding knife from the late nineteenth and mid twentieth century.

Right now, GEC produces lines of pocketknives under the Tidiuote Cutlery, Northfield UN-X-LD, and Farm Field and Tool brands, just as under the Great Eastern Cutlery brand.

Great Eastern Cutlery assembling

The assembling of characteristic dealt with, customary, folding knives was a typical business all through the United States during the greater part of the twentieth century, yet now, that has gotten phenomenal as there are just a little modest bunch of cutlery producers actually staying in the US.

Over the ongoing years a significant number of the acclaimed cutleries have gone under, and of those that stay a couple really produce their items on American soil. At Great Eastern Cutlery, they are out of style in this day and age of chain stores and imports; wanting to be known for “MADE IN THE USA”.

Assembling organization

Their assembling organization, set up in Titusville, PA in 2006, has started a renaissance in exemplary conventional folding knives by reproducing the old knife designs as near legitimate as has been seen in 75 years. Mixing handcraftsmanship, with customary assembling measures and a couple of contemporary machine tasks to create top notch traditionally planned pockets.