Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

How's the Great Dan / Golden Retriever Max?


Security dog

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Just because your two dogs are cute doesn't mean they'll get cute leaves. Fix it If it's too late, keep them now and have them treated by your local veterinarian.

Great Dan Golden Retriever Mix

The boy's mother is Danish and she is golden

1. Why would you want to breed two dogs of different breeds to make a stray dog?

2. You may ask him to take the dog with you.

example. For example, you are at least 2 years old.

4. Just fix them both. Design dogs are the worst thing you can ever imagine. Books are now full of design dogs! Please sterilize and sterilize

Extra: To Jane: How much do you know about reproduction? Be aware that when females and males are the same, their size should be the same so that they do not increase. In this case, the dog must be taken to a veterinarian for an emergency cesarean. Great Dennis was very golden at that time. Therefore, the difference in size can cause the dog to get used to it. Call your doctor and ask if you don't believe me. I have seen him many times in the animal shelter where I volunteer. It's not a beautiful sight and sometimes Mom is there. It won't be a problem if the mother is wise, but if you read the mother it is gold. Do your research before answering such questions.

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

This small dam is a golden retriever and its dam is a great dam. We love it

It will look like this. This is a Danish / Golden Mix that has been around for some time and has just been adopted.

Orphans are more likely to be too old for their mother to use and give birth safely.

Jane: The Great Dan Family Reactive System is designed for Great Dan Puppies. The gold search system is designed for gold dogs. The difference is that for prostitutes, it is very common that those who are much younger than a human face during pregnancy face problems that can sometimes be fatal.

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

At most ... 11 weeks wise mother, father are able to sleep. Your feelings are very Danish. Soft and flattened deer. My 4 year old son needs to sit, do, go out and do things. It may appear as a size reference.

Something like

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

Trying to raise your dog is very dangerous

And think about it, Grand Dan in the Golden Retriever

Can't be healthy

As much as you warn others, if you do, be very upset! You put your dog's life in danger

Also, talk to your doctor first and hear what he or she has to say.

I would say never do that, you have big breeds, why do you need a dog?

Also, the stress of mothers' babies that are taken from them will put a lot of pressure on them, especially freshwater fish. I have one and he loves it so much that if he had a dog and we gave it to him he would go crazy.

Bad idea

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix