Gravy Train

Gravy Train,

Definition of Gravy Train:

  • A business activity that brings a lot of benefits to a person or organization with minimal effort. Make it easy for you

Literal Meanings of Gravy Train


Meanings of Gravy:
  1. Sauce made from broth cooked with broth and other ingredients.

  2. Rude or unexpected amount

Sentences of Gravy
  1. All sauces and sauces must have a pan or ketchup.

Synonyms of Gravy

hard cash, extract, concentrate, broth, infusion, stock, bouillon, cash, ready money, decoction, liquid, juice, gravy


Meanings of Train:
  1. Teach a particular skill or behavior (a person or animal) over a period of time by practicing and teaching.

  2. A point or point, usually a gun or a camera.

  3. I have to get off the train.

  4. To seduce (someone) by offering entertainment or gifts.

  5. A series of wagons that move like blocks through an engine or a built-in engine.

  6. A series of transport vehicles or animals that travel in the same direction.

  7. An evening dress or a long piece of cloth tied to the back of a floor dress.

  8. Fire with explosives.

Sentences of Train
  1. The plan is to train people for promotion

  2. The detective pulled his gun to the side door

  3. Freight train

  4. Camel cart

  5. The bride wears a cream silk dress with a tail

Synonyms of Train

coach, drill, sight, point, string, tail, level, upskill, turn something on, educate, focus, succession, school, position, aim, convoy, cavalcade, make something clear to, procession, array, line, tutor, edify, demonstrate something to, teach, instruct