Definition of Graph:

  1. Two-dimensional drawing showing a relationship (usually between two set of numbers) by means of a line, curve, a series of bars, or other symbols. Typically, an independent variable is represented on the horizontal line (X-axis) and an dependent variable on the vertical line (Y-axis). The perpendicular axis intersect at a point called origin, and are calibrated in the units of the quantities represented. Though a graph usually has four quadrants representing the positive and negative values of the variables, usually only the north-east quadrant is shown when the negative values do not exist or are of no interest. Often used interchangeably with the term chart.

  2. Plot or trace on a graph.

  3. A diagram showing the relation between variable quantities, typically of two variables, each measured along one of a pair of axes at right angles.

Synonyms of Graph

Plot, Trace, Draw up, Delineate, Alphabetic character, Black and white, Blueprint, Brouillon, Cartoon, Catalog, Catalogue raisonne, Character, Charcoal, Charcoal drawing, Chart, Chiaroscuro, Cipher, Copy, Crayon, Delineation, Design, Device, Diagram, Doodle, Draft, Drawing, Ebauche, Elevation, Esquisse, Figure, Grapheme, Ground plan, House plan, Ichnography, Lay off, Lay out, Letter, Lexigraphic character, Line drawing, Map, Map out, Mark off, Mark out, Monogram, Outline, Pastel, Pattern, Pen-and-ink, Pencil drawing, Phonetic character, Phonetic symbol, Pictographic character, Plan, Plot, Plot out, Profile, Projection, Rough, Rough copy, Rough draft, Rough outline, Schema, Scheme, Set out, Sign, Silhouette, Silver-print drawing, Sinopia, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketch out, Study, Syllabic, Symbol, Table, Table of contents, Tracing, Vignette, Working drawing, Writing, Written character, Chart, Diagram, Grid

How to use Graph in a sentence?

  1. Using the graph , Jane was able to visually illustrate the increase in her productivity at work, and was thus able to ask for a raise.
  2. The graph that is shown, depicts the average income of the population in rural areas, compared to the incomes of those in the city.
  3. A frequency ranking of student graphing errors indicates that graphing problems are related to a combination of factors involving the software, the student, and the instruction.
  4. In fact, all the real values are already in the graph along the x axis also called the real axis.
  5. I was explaining my idea and then I realized having a visual component to compliment my idea would be optimal so I created a graph to explain my idea numerically .

Meaning of Graph & Graph Definition

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