Definition of Granularity:

  1. The level of detail involved in the model or decision-making process. The higher the detail, the higher the level. Granularity is commonly used to mark the detail or scale of a set of data.

  2. Quality or granulation status.

  3. The scale or level of detail of a dataset or other phenomenon.

How to use Granularity in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that you have analyzed all the details before embarking on a particularly risky project.
  2. The chip also offers MPEG2 encoding with low digital video noise, which removes grain from the image and therefore improves compressed video quality.
  3. Invoice data does not provide enough details to answer the question.
  4. The director told his flaws that he wanted deep details with all the models of the film.
  5. Meetings are always longer when Jim is there, because he insists on high-level details and does research on everything, even if it's nothing.

Meaning of Granularity & Granularity Definition


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