Definition of Grantor:

  1. The person or organization that makes the grant or exchange.

  2. Authorized grantee of facilities, licenses or rights, e.g. Someone who builds trust and transfers ownership. Also known as settlers.

Synonyms of Grantor

Maecenas, Cheerful giver, Backer, Patroness, Supporter, Contributor, Sugar daddy, Subscriber, Vouchsafer, Donator, Donor, Philanthropist, Imparter, Conferrer, Funder, Assignor, Angel, Consignor, Testate, Awarder, Giver, Testator, Financer, Lady bountiful, Almoner, Feoffor, Fairy godmother, Settler, Patron, Almsgiver, Santa Claus, Presenter, Testatrix, Bestower

How to use Grantor in a sentence?

  1. The privileged person sued the licensees for their commitment to maintain the road.

Meaning of Grantor & Grantor Definition


What Does Grantor Mean?

An administrator is an individual or other entity that builds trust (that is, a person whose assets are transferred to a trustee), regardless of whether the resident also acts as a guardian. Settlers can also be called settlers, settlers or settlers.

  • There are settlement companies that build trust and legally transfer control of the assets to the administrator who manages them with one or more beneficiaries.
  • For some types of trust, settlers can be beneficiaries, believers, or both.
  • The donor can also contact the insurance company that received the premium to sell the option contract.

(1) The person who transfers the property. ()) Which builds trust.

Meanings of Grantor

  1. The person or organization that makes the grant or exchange.

Sentences of Grantor

  1. The rights holder sued the man for vowing to maintain the highway.