Definition of Grantor:

  1. A person or institution that makes a grant or conveyance.

  2. Eligible bestower of an easement, grant, or right, such as the one who establishes a trust and transfers his or her property to it. Also called settlor.

Synonyms of Grantor

Maecenas, Santa Claus, Almoner, Almsgiver, Angel, Assignor, Awarder, Backer, Bestower, Cheerful giver, Conferrer, Consignor, Contributor, Donator, Donor, Fairy godmother, Feoffor, Financer, Funder, Giver, Imparter, Lady bountiful, Patron, Patroness, Philanthropist, Presenter, Settler, Subscriber, Sugar daddy, Supporter, Testate, Testator, Testatrix, Vouchsafer

How to use Grantor in a sentence?

  1. The grantee sued the grantor upon his covenant to maintain the road.

Meaning of Grantor & Grantor Definition