Definition of Granted:

  1. Even assuming that.

  2. Admittedly; it is true (used to introduce a factor which is opposed to the main line of argument but is not regarded as so strong as to invalidate it).

  3. To give, provide, or allow. Amy granted her daughter the right to act on her behalf if she becomes incompetent due to her illness..

Synonyms of Granted

God-given, Accepted, Accorded, Accounted as, Acknowledged, Admitted, Affirmed, Alleged, Allowed, Approved, Assumed, Assumptive, Authenticated, Avowed, Bestowed, Certified, Conceded, Confessed, Confirmed, Conjectured, Countersigned, Deemed, Endorsed, Given, Gratuitous, Inferred, Notarized, Postulated, Postulational, Premised, Presumed, Presumptive, Professed, Providential, Putative, Ratified, Received, Recognized, Reputed, Sealed, Signed, Stamped, Supposed, Suppositional, Supposititious, Suppositive, Sworn and affirmed, Sworn to, Taken for granted, Understood, Underwritten, Validated, Vouchsafed, Warranted, Self-evident, Unquestionable, Undeniable

How to use Granted in a sentence?

  1. Granted, sitting around the house may not be your idea of the perfect retirement, but whats your choice when inflation is eroding the value of your nest egg?.

Meaning of Granted & Granted Definition

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