Definition of Grant:

  1. Agree to grant or allow (as requested).

  2. Money donated by the government or other organization for a specific purpose.

  3. Accept or admit (to someone) that (something) is true.

  4. Bonuses, contributions, gifts or grants (in cash or in kind) provided by the government or another organization (called a donor) to a particular recipient (called a recipient) for a specific purpose. Grants generally depend on specific qualifications in terms of terms of use, compliance with certain standards or proportional participation of other beneficiaries or donors.

Synonyms of Grant

Subvention, Accept, Shower, Subsidy, Stipend, Handout, Welfare, Ratify, Release, Hedging, Relax the condition, Relinquish, Diploma, Subscription, Administer, Endowment, Dream, Spill, Exemption, Give the go-ahead, Dispensation, Circumscription, Afford, Repute, Accord, Avow, Concession, Allocate, Donation, Permit, Give, Okay, Wink at, Mete out, Liberality, Gift, Surrender, Supply, Privilege, Presume, Allow, Bounty, Waive, Support, OK, Concede, Take account of, Say aye, Award, Present, Freedom, Relax, Believe, Consider, Suppose, Disregard, Think, Pension, Consent to, Express general agreement, Cession, Lavish, Handout, Accordance, Grain of salt, Give up, Assign, Letters patent, Tender, Conferment, Come clean, Own up, Dispense, Welfare aid, Endorse, Allot, Issue, Spit it out, Allow for, Benefaction, Admit, License, Fork out, Give the word, Not refuse, Specialness, Daresay, Award, Consent, Say, Take, Fancy, Set aside, Furnish, Impartation, Admit everything, Take into consideration, Dole, Fellowship, Rain, Discount, Allotment, Presentment, Mete, Opine, Yield, Plead guilty, Favor, Guaranteed annual income, Go along with, Sanction, Heap, Yield assent, Condescend, Surmise, Help to, Public welfare, Open up, Reckon, Accept, Contribution, Waiver, Extenuating circumstances, Own, Yield, Concede, Deduce, Render, Vouchsafement, Not oppose, Consider the source, Exception, Suspect, Presuppose, Feel, Delivery, Connive at, Communicate, Reservation, Let have, Tell all, Welfare payments, Bursary, Subvention, Shell out, Let, Charity, Acknowledge, Allow, Deem, Agree to, Make allowance for, Immunity, Financial assistance, Price support, Snow, Take to be, Be willing, Acknowledge, Take kindly to, Aid, Accommodation, Slip, Awarding, Pour, Hold with, Restriction, Bestowal, Investiture, Endowment, Dish out, Help, Admit, Have no objection, Presurmise, Pecuniary aid, Approve, Take into account, Understand, Copyright, Take it, Hedge, Give consent, Deign, Confer, Allowance, Allotment, Liberty, Offer, Salvo, Say the word, Nod assent, Take for granted, Subsidization, Presentation, Gift with, Giving, Spill it, Out with it, Hand out, Consider the circumstances, Patent, Take for, Alimony, Approve of, Recognize, Gather, Permit, Let be, Recognize, Bestow, Limitation, Assent grudgingly, Old-age insurance, Indulgence, Allow, Blank check, Conceive, Conclude, Confess, Deal, Subsidy, Lift temporarily, Brevet, Prefigure, Depletion allowance, Distribute, Present, Specification, Deliverance, Say yes, Retirement benefits, Bequest, Supplying, Vote aye, Bestowment, Assistance, Provide for, Concede, Royal grant, Conferral, Infer, Divine, Admit exceptions, Impart, Tell the truth, Cede, Allocation, Cede, Special favor, Give permission, Granting, Alms, Grant-in-aid, Make possible, Communication, Imagine, Proffer, Agree provisionally, Furnishment, Accede to, Expect, Give leave, Carte blanche, Mental reservation, Provision, Assent, Deal out, Public assistance, Give freely, Qualification, Scholarship, Vote affirmatively, Allowance, Appreciate, Provisionally accept, Nod, Confess, Bestow on, Serve, Warrant, Dole out, Relief, Franchise, Donation, Give out, Vouchsafe, Special treatment, Donate, Let on, Vouchsafe, Modification, Afford, Be afraid, Extend, Impartment, Charter, Gifting, Consent to silently, Cop a plea, Tax benefit, Gift, Contribution, Annuity, Accord to, Special case, Assume, Leave, Accord

How to use Grant in a sentence?

  1. Without a state grant, he does not have the opportunity to choose his school.
  2. Smoking permission letter.
  3. Rachel was working on her science project when she realized she didn't have enough money, but the government gave her a grant to help move the project forward.
  4. Nonprofits may receive additional funds that do not need to be paid when submitting a grant application.
  5. I admit that not much progress has been made.

Meaning of Grant & Grant Definition