Grant Proposals

Grant Proposals,

What is The Definition of Grant Proposals?

  1. Grant Proposals can be defined as, A formal proposal submitted to a government or civil entity that explains the proposed project, identifies budgetary requirements, and requests financial assistance in the form of a grant.

Literal Meanings of Grant Proposals


Meanings of Grant:
  1. Accept to give or allow (anything necessary)

  2. Accept or believe (someone) that (something) is true.

Sentences of Grant
  1. A letter from which they smoke

  2. I don't give you much promotion

Synonyms of Grant

yield, present, endowment, contribution, vouchsafe, permit, admit, handout, bursary, gift, donation, appreciate, subvention, afford, allowance, allotment, accept, allocation, subsidy, confess, acknowledge, award, concede, accord, cede, recognize


Meanings of Proposals:
  1. A plan or proposal, especially a formal or written plan, to be presented to others for consideration.

Sentences of Proposals
  1. A series of tips for a great new high-speed rail line

  2. Should there be a beautiful woman like you?

Synonyms of Proposals

overture, tender, draft, motion, suggestion, approach, manifesto, submission, terms, project, programme, presentation, bid, plan, recommendation, proposition, scheme