Graham Number

Graham Number,

How Do You Define Graham Number?

Graham Number means: Graham number is a number that measures the underlying value of a stock, taking into account the earnings per share of the company and the book value per share. Graham's number is the upper limit of the price range required to pay shares to defense investors. Theoretically, any exercise under Graham's number is not considered to be of low value and is therefore worth investing in. The formula is as follows

Literal Meanings of Graham Number


Meanings of Graham:
  1. Made from whole wheat flour.

Sentences of Graham
  1. Cookie box


Meanings of Number:
  1. Set includes (a certain amount or quantity).

  2. Usually to indicate continuous positions, dial by number or assign a number.

  3. Add or rate as a group member.

  4. Mathematical values ​​are expressed as words, symbols or numbers that represent a specific quantity and are used to identify, count and order identities in a single line.

  5. Quantity or many.

  6. Magazine issue.

  7. Verbal distinction, which refers to someone, something or someone.

Sentences of Number
  1. More than 5,000 protesters

  2. Each document has a numbered sequence

  3. There is anger among the former conductors of the orchestra

  4. He chooses the numbers carefully

  5. The company aims to increase the proportion of women in its workforce

  6. The shape of the English pronoun reflects the number and gender

Synonyms of Number

amount to, assign a number to, numeral, count, include, issue, quantity, total, specify by number, figure, categorize by number, come to, mark with a number, integer, digit, add up to, edition, copy, amount