Definition of Graft:

  1. Permanently fix or (fix) something else, usually in a way that is considered inappropriate.

  2. This is how the property is acquired.

  3. Graft (living tissue) in the form of a graft.

  4. Insert as a graph (bud or branch).

  5. A piece of living tissue that is surgically transplanted.

  6. In the trunk or trunk of a living plant, a bud or a branch is inserted into the empty space from where the septum is received.

  7. Illegal or unfair exploitation A place or place of trust for personal gain.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Graft


Origin of word Graft

Mid 19th century perhaps related to the phrase spades graft ‘the amount of earth that one stroke of a spade will move’, based on Old Norse grǫftr ‘digging’.

Synonyms of Graft

■■■■■■, Insertion, Transplantation, Abstraction, Inoculation, Perquisite, Fishy transaction, Engraft, Shoot, Transplant, Blackmail, Racket, Illicit business, Flam, Embezzlement, Make fast, Bud, Dishonesty, Grapple, Shoot, Till, Extortion, Pork-barrel legislation, Scrounging, ■■■■■, Snatching, Imposture, Sprout, Impaction, Conversion, Loot, Stolen goods, Liberation, Clamp, Poaching, Campaign contribution, Transplant, Flimflam, Insert, Diddling, Squeeze, Tighten, Transplant, Plunder, Set to, Grift, Bunco, Annex, Attach, Slip, Embedment, Pickings, Imp, Bribery, Take, Lifting, Bribery and corruption, Swiping, Anchor, Fasten, Secure, Perks, Fraud, Insinuation, Belay, Knit, Transfer, ■■■, Swag, Moor, Bud, Join, Cardsharping, Implant, Cinch, Spoils system, Thieving, Cheat, Pilferage, Cheating, Swindle, ■■■ ■■■■■, Screw up, Fraudulency, Public tit, Cozenage, Subornation, Conveyance, Trim, Infixion, Scion, Bribing, Pork barrel, Insert, Interpolation, Introduction, Intromission, Kickback, Gerrymandering, Nepotism, Pinching, Add, Stealing, Scion, Prize, Scam, Stealings, Pilfering, Trice up, Sprig, Thievery, Hot goods, Filching, Cement, Boodle, Political intrigue, Perfusion, Affix, Snitching, Pork-barreling, Imposition, Impactment, Ballot-box stuffing, Payola, Fraudulence, Corruption, Fasten, Tessellation, Slush fund, Fix, Attach, Shoplifting, Appropriation, Put to, Public till, Theft, Offshoot, Fix, Injection, Haul, ■■■■■■■■■■■, Infusion, Boosting, Implantation, Stealage, Implantation, Jobbery, Splice, Implant, Interjection, Dodge, Clinch, Inarch, Boodling, Implant, Campaign fund, New growth, Spoils of office, Public trough, Spoils, Grafting, Spoil, Sneak thievery, Set, Cutting, Annexation, Entrance, Join, Cramp

How to use Graft in a sentence?

  1. Dear senators, the history of fraud, dishonesty and corruption often frustrates and frustrates jobs and new insiders.
  2. Western-style governments cannot easily position themselves in a completely different state position.
  3. If you receive a transplant as a gift, it is best to avoid getting stuck or you may have a serious legal problem.
  4. Some of them are sprouts, others are sprouts, but the seeds never germinate.
  5. Sometimes the other party offers a bribe or a transplant and it is better than not accepting it.
  6. The database also provides survival rates for people who have received cell transplants, helping doctors and their patients assess the potential risks and benefits of transplants in treating diseases such as leukemia.
  7. It is common to eat different types of tree trunks.
  8. You can have a new arm transplant on your arm.

Meaning of Graft & Graft Definition