Graduated Drivers Licenses

Graduated Drivers Licenses,

How Do You Define Graduated Drivers Licenses?

  • A young driver's license that allows them to improve their driving skills over time. These licenses usually limit the number of people who can have a new driver in the car at the same time. Another frequent restriction is that young people with this license cannot drive between a certain time (usually midnight) and sunrise.

Literal Meanings of Graduated Drivers Licenses


Meanings of Graduated:
  1. Organized on a line or on a scale.


Meanings of Drivers:
  1. The person who drives the car.

  2. The other part of the wheel or mechanism that receives direct energy and transfers this movement to the other part.

  3. Factors that cause or develop certain phenomena.

  4. A smooth wooden golf club was used to brew tea.

Sentences of Drivers
  1. The rear and rear wheels should be the same for the other two points in a system and the other.

  2. The hope of achieving this monopoly is the real impetus for investment

  3. If you hit 10 golf balls with your driver at the driving range, you will increase the eighth stroke.

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Meanings of Licenses:
  1. Permission to own or use something, do some work or do business (especially in the field of alcohol) by the competent authority

  2. Freedom to act arbitrarily, especially in ways that lead to excessive or unacceptable treatment.

Sentences of Licenses
  1. Weapons license

  2. The government has been criticized for giving too many licenses to the military

Synonyms of Licenses

permission, right, sanction, blessing, leave, entitlement, permit, authorization, a free hand, discretion, diploma, mandate, assent, certificate, voucher, exemption, document, approval, privilege, prerogative, authority, warrant, imprimatur, documentation, consent