Definition of Grade:

  1. To level off a ragged surface to an even or smooth (horizontal or sloping) surface.

  2. Reduce (a road) to an easy gradient.

  3. Cross (livestock) with a superior breed.

  4. Category, quality rating, or rank.

  5. Alternative term for gradient.

  6. A particular level of rank, quality, proficiency, intensity, or value.

  7. Alternative term for grad.

  8. Give a mark to (a student or a piece of work).

  9. A gradient or slope.

  10. To classify according to a scale.

  11. Ground (horizontal) level of a building or structure.

  12. Arrange in or allocate to grades; class or sort.

  13. A variety of cattle produced by crossing with a superior breed.

  14. Pass gradually from one level, especially a shade of color, into another.

  15. A mark indicating the quality of a students work.

Synonyms of Grade

Slope, Gradient, Incline, Acclivity, Declivity, Tilt, Angle, Classify, Class, Categorize, Bracket, Sort, Group, Order, Arrange, Type, Pigeonhole, Brand, Size, Rank, Level, Echelon, Standing, Station, Position, Placing, Class, Status, Order, Pass, Shade, Change, Merge, Blend, Transmute, Turn, Mark, Score, Grading, Assessment, Evaluation, Appraisal, Assess, Mark, Score, Judge, Evaluate, Appraise, Acclivity, Adjust, Align, Alphabetize, Amount, Analyze, Arrange, Array, Ascend, Ascent, Assort, Bank, Bevel, Bezel, Blood, Bolt, Bracket, Branch, Break down, Bulk, Caliber, Calibrate, Calibrated, Cant, Careen, Caste, Catalog, Categorize, Category, Chute, Clan, Class, Classify, Climb, Codify, Collate, Compass, Condition, Cool off, Correct, Cut, Cut it, Dab, Decline, Declivity, Decrease, Degree, Deploy, Descend, Descent, Differentiate, Digest, Dip, Dispose, Divide, Division, Downgrade, Drag, Dress, Drop, Dub, Easy slope, Echelon, Enlarge, Equalize, Estate, Evaluate, Even, Extent, Fall, Fall away, Fall off, Fell, File, Flatten, Fleam, Flush, Form, Gauge, Gentle slope, Glacis, Go downhill, Go uphill, Gradate, Gradation, Gradational, Gradient, Gradual, Graduate, Graduated, Grease, Group, Grouping, Hack it, Hanging gardens, Harmonize, Harrow, Head, Heading, Height, Helicline, Hierarchic, Hierarchize, Hill, Hillside, Inclination, Incline, Inclined plane, Increase, Index, Interval, Keel, Kin, Label, Launching ramp, Lay, Lay down, Lay flat, Lay level, Lay low, Lay out, League, Lean, Leaning, Leap, Level, Line up, List, Lubricate, Make it, Make the grade, Mark, Marshal, Match, Measure, Measure up, Methodize, Mow, Normalize, Notch, Nuance, Oil, Order, Organize, Pacify, Pas, Pass, Peg, Period, Pigeonhole, Pitch, Place, Plane, Planish, Plaster, Plateau, Point, Position, Predicament, Progressive, Proportion, Qualify, Quiet, Race, Rake, Ramp, Range, Rank, Rase, Rate, Rating, Ratio, Raze, Reach, Regular, Regularize, Regulate, Remove, Retreat, Riddle, Rise, Roll, Roll flat, Round, Routinize, Rubric, Rung, Scalar, Scale, Scarp, Scope, Score, Screen, Section, Separate, Sept, Set, Set up, Shade, Shade off, Shadow, Shave, Shelve, Shelving beach, Side, Sidle, Sieve, Sift, Situation, Size, Slant, Slope, Smooth, Smooth down, Smooth out, Smoothen, Sort, Sort out, Space, Stage, Stair, Standard, Standardize, Standing, State, Station, Status, Steamroll, Steamroller, Steep slope, Step, Stiff climb, Stint, Strain, Stratum, Structure, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subgroup, Suborder, Subordinate, Succeed, Swag, Sway, Systematize, Tabulate, Talus, Tier, Tilt, Tip, Title, Track, Tranquilize, Tread, Type, Upgrade, Uprise, Year

How to use Grade in a sentence?

  1. The sky graded from blue to white on the horizon.
  2. Any teacher completing these books will never again be able to grade student work without questioning how and why that grading is taking place.
  3. Lodge explains that sonic sensors make grading a road much easier than with stakes.
  4. Grade stock.
  5. Sea salt is usually available in coarse or fine grades.
  6. Just over the crest of a long seven percent grade.
  7. They are graded according to thickness.
  8. I got good grades last semester.

Meaning of Grade & Grade Definition

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