Grace Period(s)

Grace Period(s),

What Does Grace Period(s) Mean?

Grace Period(s) means, Term, usually 31 days, during which the policy remains valid even after the premium expires, but is not paid. The policy expires on the day the original premium expires, unless the premium is paid before 31 days or the insured dies.

Literal Meanings of Grace Period(s)


Meanings of Grace:
  1. God's free and unshakable acceptance (in the Christian faith), manifested in the gift of salvation and blessing of the sinner.

  2. Officially given deadline for payment of fixed amount or compliance with rules or regulations, especially extension date, as special assistance.

  3. (In Greek mythology) The three beautiful goddesses (Aglia, Thalia and Euphrosin) describe charm, beauty and elegance.

  4. Respect or accept (someone or something) for your presence.

Sentences of Grace
  1. The book discusses salvation from a Calvinist perspective, God's grace, and man's free will.

  2. He gave up the game that had been going on for two decades

Synonyms of Grace

elegance, stylishness, poise, finesse, charm, courtesy, courteousness, politeness, manners, good manners, mannerliness, civility, decorum, decency, propriety, breeding, respect, respectfulness, favour, good will, generosity, kindness, benefaction


Meanings of Period:
  1. Trace blood and other material from the uterine lining, which occurs approximately between puberty and menopause in non-pregnant women. Occurs 28 days and usually lasts for several days.

  2. Complex sentences, especially those consisting of multiple sentences and formed in the context of a formal speech or sentence.

Sentences of Period
  1. As he spoke, he raised the tip of his lighted cigar, as if disrupting punishment with a gesture of fire in the air.

  2. Property trends can also be predicted in horizontal lines or periods because moving from left to right in a line involves an electron by simply changing an atomic number.

Synonyms of Period

time, spell, interval, stretch, term, span, phase, session, bout, run, space, duration, chapter, stage, menstruation, menstrual flow, point, stop, in period style, period, nostalgic, evocative, of yesteryear, olde worlde


Meanings of S:
  1. Seconds)

  2. Part (of an action)

  3. Shilling (E)

  4. Not married.

  5. Solid

  6. (No tradition) Baby (children)

  7. Success.

  8. Zero refers to electrons and orbits with angular velocity and perfect balance.

  9. Distance (in mathematical formulas).

  10. The 19th letter of the alphabet

  11. Form a capital S-like.

  12. (Especially in Catholic usage)