Government-owned property

Government-owned property,

Definition of Government-owned property:

  1. Assets owned by a federal, state or local government organization. Property may be held in the name of an agency or department of the government. Property can be acquired through purchase, foreclosure or tax default.

  2. Government-owned property is often considered 'public' property, although that does not mean that all such property is freely accessible to all citizens. For instance, an army base or laboratory may be government-owned, but with highly restricted access. A public playground, on the other hand, may be owned by a local government and free to anybody to enjoy.

  3. Government property consists of land or assets owned by federal, state, or local governments. These may also include government agencies or government-sponsored organizations such as libraries or parks.

How to use Government-owned property in a sentence?

  1. Government-owned property may be titled at the federal, state, or local level and may or may not allow unrestricted public access.
  2. Government-owned property refers to land or other assets that are legally owned by a government or government entity.
  3. Some government-owned properties constitute public goods, such as parks, libraries, roads, and sewer and water lines.

Meaning of Government-owned property & Government-owned property Definition