Government Grants

Government Grants,

Government Grants Definition:

  1. It provides cash assistance from the federal government to deserving individuals without waiting for the funds to be repaid. This does not include technical assistance, provision of services in exchange for money or distribution of revenue, loans, loan guarantees, interest subsidies, insurance or other assistance in the form of direct credit.

Literal Meanings of Government Grants


Meanings of Government:
  1. Organs that govern a nation, state, or community.

  2. There is a connection between the word rule and the word rule.

Sentences of Government
  1. Federal government agency

  2. The English associates the nominee and the italic conscience in this position, not with the imperial government as with the German.

Synonyms of Government

administration, executive, regime, authority, powers that be, directorate, council, leadership, management


Meanings of Grants:
  1. Agree to grant or allow (some requested).

  2. Accept or admit (to someone) that (something) is true.

  3. Money donated by the government or other organization for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Grants
  1. You received a meeting

  2. Not much progress, I will give it

  3. Research Grant

Synonyms of Grants

allow, accord, permit, afford, concede, vouchsafe, admit, accept, yield, cede, appreciate, recognize, acknowledge, confess, endowment, subvention, award, donation, bursary, contribution, allowance, subsidy, handout, allocation, allotment, gift, present