Government Bond

Government Bond,

How Do You Define Government Bond?

  • Government Bond means: Government bonds are debts issued by the government to support government spending and liabilities. Government bonds can pay interest from time to time in what are called coupon payments. Government bonds issued by the national government are often considered low-risk investments because they are guaranteed by the issuing government.

    • Government bonds are government-issued bonds and are sold to investors for public spending.
    • Some government bonds may pay interest from time to time. Other government bonds do not pay coupons and are sold at a discount instead.
    • Government bonds are considered a low-risk investment because they are supported by the government. The US Treasury offers a variety of bonds that are considered the safest in the world.
    • Due to the relatively low risk, government bonds generally pay lower interest rates.

Literal Meanings of Government Bond


Meanings of Government:
  1. The governing body of a nation, state or society.

  2. Relationship between regulated discourse and governing discourse.

Sentences of Government
  1. Federal authorities

  2. The English seem to associate their nominated and italic consciences with position, not with the imperial government as in Germany.

Synonyms of Government

executive, administration, management, powers that be, regime, directorate, authority, leadership, council


Meanings of Bond:
  1. Securely attach or attach to something else, especially by a sticky substance, heat or pressure.

  2. Connected or connected by chemical bonds.

  3. Lay bricks in an overlapping pattern to form a solid structure.

  4. (Taxable goods) Customs.

  5. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  6. The contact between two surfaces or objects, including by adhesive, heat or pressure.

  7. According to the power of law.

  8. The pattern in which the bricks are placed to ensure the strength of the resulting structure.

Sentences of Bond
  1. Press the ingredients to join the layers

  2. Neutral molecules attached to the central atom

  3. The sprawling castle was in the shape of a drum, made of stone, built into it with horizontally connected layers of red tiles.

  4. Assets may need to be sold or consolidated to provide liquidity to pay this tax.

  5. There is a relationship of understanding between them

  6. There is no effective link between concrete and steel.

  7. Marriage as a legal bond may be obsolete, but I doubt it.

  8. Link in English

Synonyms of Bond

alliance, oath, guarantee, partnership, pledge, solder, weld, word of honour, fix, vow, glue, affiliation, relationship, join, friendship, coalition, association, avowal, word, paste, fellowship, connect, gum, fasten, cement, fuse, affix, stick, solemn word