Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Government Accountability Office (GAO),

Government Accountability Office (GAO): What is the Meaning of Government Accountability Office (GAO)?

  1. Government Accountability Office (GAO) can be defined as, The Office of Government Accountability (GAO) is an independent and impartial U.S. legislature that oversees and audits government operations and expenditures. Often referred to as congressional oversight, the GAO studies how taxpayers' money is spent and makes recommendations on how to save government money or become more accountable. Are

    • The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent agency that works for federal and federal agencies with reliable and factual information to help governments save money and operate more efficiently.
    • The GAO oversees how the government uses taxpayers' money and provides reports and recommendations to the government.
    • The General Financial Supervisor is the head of the GAO and is appointed by the President.

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Meanings of GAO:
  1. Government Accountability Office, an agency that investigates Congress.