Definition of Governance:

  1. Process or order form.

  2. Establishing guidelines by members of the organization's governing body and constantly monitoring the success of their implementation. It has the necessary mechanisms to balance the strength of the members (with relevant responsibilities) and their fundamental role in enhancing the prosperity and stability of the organization. See also corporate governance.

How to use Governance in a sentence?

  1. One day after the merger was completed, the company's new guidelines were distributed to management. It was then that the management team realized that they were facing tough corporate governance, very different from their previous approach, which was fast and flexible.
  2. I hope there is another type of society that respects the nature and values ​​of the community. That is why I see governance as the cause and solution of problems.
  3. A more accountable system of government will be needed.
  4. There is a lack of music festivals in good governance, no one knows where to settle or when to start.

Meaning of Governance & Governance Definition