Definition of Governance:

  1. The action or manner of governing.

  2. Establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the members (with the associated accountability), and their primary duty of enhancing the prosperity and viability of the organization. See also corporate governance.

How to use Governance in a sentence?

  1. New company directives were distributed to top tier management the day after the merger finalized, and that was when the executive team realized they were facing a level of strict corporate governance far removed from their previous fast and loose approach.
  2. I wish there was a different kind of society set up upon cherishing nature and community values so I look towards governance as the cause or solution of problems.
  3. A more responsive system of governance will be required.
  4. Good governance was in short supply at the music festival; no one knew where to set up or what time things were supposed to start.

Meaning of Governance & Governance Definition