Gordita Meaning

Gordita Meaning

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There is a Spaniard in my work who calls me Gordita. what is the meaning of this?

They don't tell me but tell each other when they mention me.

I don't speak Spanish (obviously), but I can understand the little things and I don't think they say bad things, but I know they are talking to me when they say the word. .

Well, I feel bad because I'm telling you this: fat means overweight women. The masculine version of the name is thick (in Spanish, words ending in a are usually feminine and o are masculine).

Because I believe some of them, you can call them fat people or fat people.

In Spanish, these words do not have as strong a negative connotation as in English.

With each answer, there is actually a song in Spanish (Gordita az Shakira) in which a boy uses the term to refer to his lover.

This is a baked cake.

The closest English equivalent is the mother, although obesity has no effect on motherhood.

It is used with love.

My love calls me fat. Since it is a love term and a negative word in English, we stop at the meaning of fat or slightly fat.

Fat means girls ... fat for boys! ...

You should call yourself Gordita (little girl) ... sometimes they even call someone fat (tie) because it's so cute, honey ...

Anyway, coarse case means girl! And that's it !.

In coloma

Gordita Meaning

Gordita Meaning

This is a good word, not that some people try to show this behavior when Spaniards see you as a friend. Otherwise, they will just say courage, which means they will not see you as a friend.

It depends on Spain. One or more meals, one g. It could mean a stab in the back or a twist in someone.

It will depend a lot on the context. Which is better for me than a fruit breakfast. It's more fun and provides these little details. What is better as breakfast when trying to lose sugar and lose weight?

A fat girl

Or later

Mexican flatbread made from corn starch, filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or a sweet side dish.

Gordita Meaning