Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators

Special text that can be added to your search to clarify the type of results you are looking for. For example, add site: before a domain name can return a list of all (or more) indexed pages on that domain.

Google's search operators make it quick and easy to filter and refine your search results. For this, they use special commands that you can enter directly into Google.

Literal Meanings of Google Search Operators


Sentences of Search
  1. Just five minutes before our departure, the search for the keys began in earnest.


Meanings of Operators:
  1. The one who works.

  2. A telecommunications intermediary responsible for establishing temporary network connections.

  3. A function or other assignment that maps variables defined in one domain to another variable or set of variables within a defined scope.

  4. Chinese whisper game.

  5. Someone who knows how to run a business or get results, especially someone who uses questionable methods.

  6. Member of the Army Special Forces.

  7. Channel or network manager on IRC.

  8. A character representing a construction in a programming language that differs in syntax from a normal function.

  9. The type of expression that withstands a rebar displacement dependency and is intended to bind a variable.

Sentences of Operators
  1. What is the operator in the sentence "What did Bill want to buy?" which binds a phonetically empty variable?.

Google Search Operators