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For a website to be included in the Google News extract list, it must meet several technical and quality criteria and be included in the Google News Publisher program. When a page is included in Google News, it usually receives much more traffic than traditionally indexed sites.

How is Google News published?

News collected by Google is published in both desktop and mobile search. Mobile news sites usually appear as AMP in search results. If you want to search for news by a specific keyword, you can also select the news section in Google Search. News delivery and URL ranking have their own criteria that differ from the classic search engine algorithm. The relevance of the source plays a very important role, as does its authority.

Google News Terms of Use

In order for a website to be successfully listed in Google News, the general and technical rules must be followed. If these conditions are met, Google can relaunch the site in News:

  • Timeliness: All articles must report on current events in detail.
  • Originals: All content submitted must be original and may not be copied from other sources. Authors must therefore create unique content, even if this does not necessarily apply to news releases from news agencies.
  • Transparency: It is recommended that every published article includes the author's name and publisher's contact information.
  • No distortion. Google News must be accurate and must not contain false claims or misinformation. This allows the network to protect itself against, for example, fake news.
  • Minimum ad share: If the page is to appear in the news, the ad share of the page should not be too high.
  • Sufficient text: To ensure that the headline appears in news searches, the accompanying text should not be too short. Google does not specify the length of the text, but recommends more than 350 words.
  • No Ads: News Feeds should deliver news like a news portal, without advertising products or services.
  • Mobile Optimization: Submitted pages should also be optimized for mobile devices.

Google refers to its general quality guidelines that also apply to news items. Initially, there were also special meta tags for posts, but these are no longer supported.

Technical requirements include:

  • Unique URLs. Each article must be accessible through a unique URL.
  • Native link: Google cannot read the link to news articles via JavaScript.
  • HTML: Applications must be submitted in HTML format and not in PDF or other formats.
  • Scan and index. Like other websites, news-optimized pages should not be banned from crawling using the robots.txt file.

What is important in the optimization of Google News

To optimize your website for Google News, you must follow Google's content and technical guidelines. Otherwise, the application for admission will be rejected.

Not required, but it is recommended to purchase a Google News sitemap. Typically, Google crawls all article URLs published by a website within two days. Also keep in mind that the sitemap cannot contain more than 1,000 URLs. This makes it different from the classic sitemap.

For practical work this means the following:

  • The news should be published regularly and really represent the news.
  • The technical regulations must be observed.
  • Content requirements must be met.

If a website is rejected, it will no longer appear in the news feed.

Google News Ranking

Publishers and newspapers often criticize Google News. Many media companies consider the use of article titles and trailers to be copyright infringement because Google takes these text elements and displays them in a news clip on their website. In Spain, a 2014 lawsuit against publishers went so far as to ban several news sites from Google News. Many of these sites, in turn, experienced a drop in traffic of up to 15%.

The point of departure for this dispute with Google was the additional copyright, also known as Lex Google, which was also introduced in Germany in 2013. Publishers must be compensated under copyright law for using articles on the internet from other websites. Google itself sees no accidental copyright infringement in the display of fragments and titles. The publishers, for their part, even consider such use a license.

In many cases, however, the law is too broad, making it unclear when fees apply and when not. The dispute with Google is also a very difficult issue for media companies, because Google also generates a lot of traffic via Google News.

What is search engine optimization for?

Google News pages enjoy a very high volume of traffic. This is especially true for the so-called trendy themes that many people are looking for.

To take advantage of these traffic boosters, you need to post articles that are relevant topics that users are actually searching for.

You will probably find an online hardware store, along with your blog, as a smartphone news site on Google News. While very little news is of interest to a general audience, other areas are of great interest.

This means that webmasters and SEOs need to consider whether to include a high editorial effort and thus high financial and time costs in the news.

Google notifications as an SEO tool

Google news pages are useful for following new content on the web for predefined keywords using a notification feature known as Google Alerts. To do this, users must first go to Google News Search. At the bottom there is a button "Create notifications". By clicking on it, you can subscribe to topics in the form of keywords in a certain way. As soon as new content appears in the Google News index, keyword subscribers will receive an email notification.

Google News collects and presents different types of news and ranks them by relevance. Using mobile apps and a web browser, Google News finds relevant news for users. The main concept is to collect the most relevant content from different websites about the latest news and trends.

How does Google News work?

Google News reviews each registered website, which is then accepted or rejected within 60 days. How do I submit my site to Google News? Before Google can verify a website, you must first register it with the Publisher Center. You will then need to submit a request to include your site in Google News search results and wait for a response from Google.

It's also a good idea to optimize your website and its content so that Google News finds it relevant and valuable.

Google news aggregation service. It allows users to search for specific news articles.

Google News is the company's news aggregation service.

News feed with articles based on user preferences. Google's algorithm reads your browsing habits and uses it to create a personalized news feed based on the topics and news sources you visit regularly. This feature (downloadable as a standalone app) is designed to provide quick access to current information and works best when you sign up as you can select specific news topics to follow.

Detailed features allow the user to check the weather in their area, local news or verified news. As a hub for all user-specific news, you can also search for topics, places, and resources to explore. A 'For you' page is a collection of articles that Google's algorithm has read and found relevant to you.

Literal Meanings of Google News


Meanings of Google:
  1. Internet searches, such as those performed by the Google search engine.


Meanings of News:
  1. Interesting new information.

  2. Current information disseminated through the media.

  3. Messages posted in newsgroups.

  4. Publish the report.

Sentences of News
  1. Any news about the storm?.

  2. Have you heard/read/watched the latest news?.

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