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Google Blogger,

What is The Definition of Google Blogger?

  1. Google Blogger can be defined as, Google Blogger is a free blogging service hosted by Google. It was developed by Para Labs and acquired by Google in 2003. Blogs are usually acquired through the subdomain.

    • Google Blogger, also known as Blogger, is a free blogging service hosted by Google.
    • Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create informal chat pages, also called blogs.
    • To use Blogger, users need to create a Google Account. People with existing Gmail email addresses can use this account.
    • Users can customize the account name, the format shown is [lorimpsm]
    • Although its popularity has waned in the United States, Google Blogger has a large international base and its service is available in 60 different languages.

Literal Meanings of Google Blogger


Meanings of Google:
  1. Find information (about someone else) on the Internet using Google search engine.

Sentences of Google
  1. I recently googled my seventh grade teacher and found his current email address.


Meanings of Blogger:
  1. Someone who writes blogging content regularly.

Sentences of Blogger
  1. Food bloggers publish recipes on specific topics.