Definition of Goods:

  1. Goods or property.

  2. Trade: Naturally useful and relatively rare physical goods (goods, commodities, commodities, goods, supplies, supplies) produced by agriculture, construction, manufacturing or mining activities. According to the United Nations Convention on International Sales of Goods, the term includes (1) goods purchased for personal use, (2) auctioned or forcibly purchased goods, and (3) aircraft or seas. Is. .

  3. Economy: Physical goods or equipment that meets human desires or needs, or things that people think are useful or want and are trying to get. Rare goods (with limited supply due to demand) are called economic goods, while goods with unlimited supply that do not require payment or effort to purchase (e.g. air) are called free goods.

Synonyms of Goods

Textile, Baggage, Consignment, The dope, Havings, Load, Communique, Announcement, Chattels, Pack, Fabric, Job lot, Endowment, Properties, Word, Qualification, Briefing, The genuine article, Facts, Adequacy, The stuff, Handout, Weft, Account, Consumer items, Silk, It, The very model, Freight, Stock-in-trade, Cloth, Bump, Power, White book, Proficiency, The know, Not an illusion, Long suit, Data, Dispatch, Forte, Metier, Ableness, The scoop, Mail-order goods, Goods for sale, Holdings, Texture, Line of goods, Light, Line, Sidelight, Makings, Potential, Stock, Lading, The article, Datum, Hereditament, Genius, Commodities, Strong flair, Cargo, Produce, The very thing, Tissu, Facility, Estate and effects, Guidebook, Notification, Stuff, Susceptibility, Dowry, Statement, Payload, The goods, Bulletin, Web, Release, Tissue, Ability, Incidental information, Info, Instruction, Publicity, Line, Lace, Catalog goods, Talent, General information, Talents, Publication, Intelligence, Sufficiency, Wares, Sideline, Notice, Textile fabric, Articles, Fitness, What it takes, Lot, Efficiency, Woof, Acquaintance, Caliber, Message, Knowledge, Communication, Shipment, Impedimenta, Flair, Effects, Wares, Inventory, Transmission, Consumer goods, Staples, Promotional material, Enlightenment, Directory, Natural endowment, Dower, Natural gift, Information, Speciality, Material, Familiarization, Rag, Merchandise, Gen, Mention, Powers, Property, Blue book, Felt, Possessions, Drapery, Solutions, Report, Stock, Efficacy, Wool, White paper, Commodities, Capacity, Weave, Acquest, Equipment, Freightage, Gift, Proof, Competence, Faculty, Factual information, Capability, Napery, Hard information, Capableness, Evidence, Vendibles, Products, Merchandise, Incorporeal hereditament, Instinct, Etoffe, Luggage, Strong point, Parts, Presentation

How to use Goods in a sentence?

  1. When presenting your product, you must make sure that you have chosen a reliable company to work with, without any loss.
  2. Import of luxury items.
  3. There is a direct inspection of the well-known dealer introducing the port of Long Beach, which has been carried out in our country by the USDA, FDA, or ILDRIT AT LENS, in our country. Dum Importation Regent L enters.
  4. We went to the store a few days ago and were amazed at the quantity of items being sold.

Meaning of Goods & Goods Definition

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