Goods Available For Sale

Goods Available For Sale,

Goods Available For Sale Definition:

  • Goods Available For Sale definition is: The initial quantity of stock for this period and the net purchase cost is the quantity of goods available for sale to consumers during the billing period.

Literal Meanings of Goods Available For Sale


Meanings of Goods:
  1. Goods or property.

Sentences of Goods
  1. Import of luxury goods

Synonyms of Goods

wares, products, articles, stock, solutions, line, merchandise, lot, commodities, produce


Meanings of Available:
  1. Can be used or provided by anyone.

Sentences of Available
  1. Drinks will be available until noon

Synonyms of Available

ready for use, obtainable, to be had, at hand, accessible, within easy reach, to hand, handy, at one's fingertips, convenient, at one's disposal


Meanings of For:
  1. For or support (one person or policy)

  2. Effect, Anxiety or Trouble (someone or something)

  3. (For or for the benefit of) something or something

  4. Being (above) as a goal or task.

  5. Being (mentioned) as a goal or purpose.

  6. (Location name) as destination.

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  8. Instead or instead (something)

  9. Comparison of (some) expected patterns

  10. Enter duration (one duration)

  11. Determine the distance (distance)

  12. Insert the event into the wire.

  13. Because since then.

Sentences of For
  1. Elected for independence in a referendum

  2. He is responsible for the proper functioning of his department.

  3. This old man doesn't speak for everyone

  4. Tools you need to frame

  5. Eileen is proud to support her family.

  6. You will go to Sweepstakes tomorrow

  7. "F" means interesting

  8. Exchange these two bottles for this

  9. He is big for his age

  10. He spent 12 years in prison

  11. Crawls 300 meters

Synonyms of For

end, sympathetic to, giving backing to, in view of the fact that, considering that, as a mark of respect to, the same as, approving of, aim, motive, object, goal, seeing as, purpose, owing to the fact that, seeing that, for, giving support to, in honour of, on account of the fact that, as a tribute to, encouraging of


Meanings of Sale:
  1. Exchanging goods for money, selling something.

  2. The period of time that the retailer sells the product at a lower price.

Sentences of Sale
  1. We give up selling

  2. License sale

Synonyms of Sale

deal, transaction, selling, vending, bargain, disposal