Good To Go Flex Pass

Good To Go Flex Pass

What is a Good to Go Pass?

Good start! Flexible passage. A Flex Pass is kind of a good start! designed only for travelers on HOT I405 or SR 167 lanes. Works on all Washington toll roads and gives you the most flexibility over any of our passes.

How much does a Good to Go Pass cost?

Passports cost anywhere from 5 to 15 plus tax, depending on the type of passport you plan to purchase. See page Choose a passport. The cost of the subscriptions comes from the initial deposit of $ 30.

And how can I get back in shape for free?

Follow a few quick and easy steps to get your passport. Take a short survey and you will receive your free sticky card within four weeks. Once you have received the sticky paper in the mail, you will need to activate it by adding it to Good To Go! Accounting. Your sticky card won’t work until it’s added to an account.

Similarly, you may be wondering, where can I buy a Good to Go Pass?

Where can I buy a takeaway voucher! Send:

  • dat (you need to open a new account or buy from an existing account)
  • Contact customer service or call 18669368246.
  • in a participating store.

Can you transfer a Good to Go Pass?

the office says: okay! No longer associate each passport with a specific vehicle as we offer passports that can be moved between vehicles. This change came with the opening of the State Customer Service Center on February 14, 2011. We now offer five types of badges, two of which can be easily moved between vehicles.

Are 405 toll roads clear on weekends?

I405 Express ■■■■■■■ allow you to pay tolls for faster and more reliable travel from Monday to Friday. Carpooling with enough people can use the railways for free with the Flex Pass. The routes are mostly vehicles on weekends, some holidays and in small accommodation. by 5:00 am

What is a good Flex Pass?

Flexible passage. A Flex Pass is kind of a good start! Intended for people who drive on I405 or SR 167 HOT Lanes only. It works on all toll roads in Washington and gives you the most flexibility with any of our passes.

Bridge 520 is free on weekends?

Vehicles with more than two axles pay a proportionately higher toll (pdf 141 kb). 24:00 - 5:00 - 5:00 - 6:00 6:00 - 7:00 SR 520 Toll rates for two-axle cars (including motorcycles)

How does a toll appear?


Where are flexible rates added?

How much does Flexpass cost?

The Disney Flex Pass costs 599, making it the second most expensive pass before SoCal Select at 399. The Flex in the Disney Flex Pass is the reservation feature that allows it to function like other AP tiers. Like the 399 SoCal Select, the Disney Flex Pass is valid most days of the week during the school year.

How can I get a free Flex Pass?

Co-pilots can apply for a free Flex Pass until the end of March.

Is the tunnel still empty?

Drivers will have to pay to go through the Route 99 state tunnel this fall. Tolls have an official start date of November 9, the Washington State Department of Transportation announced Monday. Until then, the tunnel is still free, but after a ride on the SR99 under Seattle it costs at least $ 1.

How do I cancel my Good to Go Pass?

To close your account you must use Good To Go! Account closure application (pdf 113 kb) and return to customer service via: Mail: Good To Go! Do you want to update or change my payment information online?

How does Flexpass work?

Are there any tolls for the Seattle tunnel?

The SR 99 tunnel has an arrow in both directions. The toll is collected by cameras, there are no toll booths. Toll collection started on Saturday in November

How do I pay the toll on bridge 520?

Payment Methods

Is it okay to walk past Tacoma Narrows bridge work?

SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Tolls apply east only. SR 167 HOT Lanes - Single drivers only pay tolls to use HOT Lanes. Cars and motorbikes travel for free. I405 Express Toll Lanes - Carpooling and motorcycles must be active! Correct account and passport to travel for free.

Does the EZ Pass work in Washington State?


What are the fees for attaching photos?

Are there toll roads in Seattle?

Current tolls

Are there tolls on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

Good To Go Flex Pass