Good Student Discount

Good Student Discount,

What Does Good Student Discount Mean?

  1. Meaning of Good Student Discount: Discounts are offered by some auto insurance companies if a student driver maintains a certain grade point average (for example, 3.0) or is placed on an honors list or on the dean list. This discount can vary from 5 to 15%.

  2. Low car insurance premiums for students with good grades. This discount is given because research has shown a link between good value and safe driving.

  3. It can be given to full-time students with an average grade of B or better. Each operator may have its own set of rules.

  4. Many companies offer car insurance discounts to students with higher education grades, as there seems to be a strong correlation between academic performance and good driving experience.

  5. Good Student Discount means, Automatic bonus deductions for young drivers aged 16 and over who have a top 20% of the class, a B or 3.0 average, or are on the dean list or honors roll. Suppose a good student is a good driver.

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Good Student Discount,

How Do You Define Good Student Discount?

  • It can be given to full-time students with an average B or higher grade.

Literal Meanings of Good Student Discount


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