Golden rule

Golden rule,

Definition of Golden rule:

  1. That courts should stick to the commonly understood meanings of the words of a document unless doing so would be patently absurd.

  2. A basic principle that should always be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity.

Synonyms of Golden rule

Doctrine, Belief, Creed, Credo, Attitude, Rule, Golden rule, Guideline, Formula, Standard, Criterion, Tenet, Truism, Code, Ethic, Maxim, Motto, Axiom, Aphorism, Notion, Dictum, Dogma, Canon, Law, Christian ethics, Stoicism, A priori truth, Altruistic ethics, Aretaics, Axiom, Brocard, Canon, Casuistry, Categorical imperative, Code, Commandment, Comparative ethics, Convention, Deontology, Dictate, Dictum, Egoistic ethics, Empiricism, Ethical formalism, Ethical philosophy, Ethology, Ethonomics, Eudaemonics, Evolutionism, Form, Formula, General principle, Guideline, Guiding principle, Hedonism, Imperative, Intuitionism, Law, Maxim, Mitzvah, Moral, Moral philosophy, Norm, Ordinance, Perfectionism, Postulate, Principium, Principle, Proposition, Regulation, Rubric, Rule, Self-evident truth, Settled principle, Situation ethics, Standard, Tenet, Theorem, Truism, Truth, Universal truth, Utilitarianism, Working principle, Working rule

How to use Golden rule in a sentence?

  1. One of the golden rules in this class is punctuality.

Meaning of Golden rule & Golden rule Definition