Golden Retriever Puppy Starter Kit

Golden Retriever Puppy Starter Kit

Be the kit for the golden recovery dog?

Ever Votre Chewt Sintler, the article Demon in NTD and the essayist de Frater Laurus Sir La Mam مn do Chat, dealing feeling low doer, peace in force coil vent, sleep instead of G. mats le teddy. Gradually, the mother's scent will go away, but it will help the dog calm down.

You need to consider all of these elements.

Vaccination from 8 weeks of age.

In addition to vaccines, you can also get insurance for your dog.

+ 5 + necklace, when i grow up you will definitely have to buy a new one i think i'm a year old

You can get a dog coat or sweater, a coat for coat 25 or Grandma can make a sweater.

Cape, maybe 5lbs + I spent 6 years because he was chewing on the go: D

Chewable toys are probably the most expensive because they used them every day when they were young! Your best option is to buy Kang because it has a lifetime guarantee!

If you want to train to help use it. I think it was € 125.

The bed weighed about 10 1025 pounds, I think I took 10 because I kept chewing and stuffing.

So become your dog, come to me, I will buy a bed and kernel first if you want to use food, bed, cup of food (make sure he gives you the food he gives you, if you eat Will change then belly), straps, necklace

What helps, for example?

Golden retrievers are great. I have one in my house and I warn you that retrievers are already very bad. But when they are 3 or 4 years old, they are very intelligent and really become your best friends. My dog ​​is five years old now and I love it. The service kit may include toothpicks, toys or other items such as furniture, collars and anything you need to avoid chewing. Can I also recommend dog food called Royal Canine Golden Retriever or Lab?

Ingredients of food l. My dog ​​eats and it's great because a lot of fish get cancer from touching the bones so it really strengthens them and keeps your dog healthy and fit (think about treatment every month).

Even if the dog is bad, don't push and never fire him, it's just a step I've taken. When you eat or sleep

OKL, Stephanie

Get a baby gate just to keep the dog confined to pieces. Therefore, dogs are safe in this area. Keep everything out of reach of growing leaves. Buy some hard stuff. Such as tendon and compressed rhubarb. My recovered dog loves empty plastic bottles. Old socks were also tied. Indeed. This is the type of ball that makes the chit a special irreplaceable circle that is used in its ball launcher. Get the ball now and later, when your dog learns to find it, he can use it with this launcher. They are sold separately.

If allowed, give the dog its own blanket for a few days before moving. So you can get used to perfume etc. And it can help you calm down.

On the luggage side, you need at least 2 feeding bowls, a water-repellent cup, lead (a rolled-up leather collar is preferable to retrieve, but lead will suffice), an edge (take you along) To get used to it, to run around the garden, many newspapers are placed near the main exit or cover them to avoid accidents. Kong dog toys are also great. Ordinary soft plastic toys are very easy to chew and dogs can be made of plastic. The high fart fart toy is ideal, remember the Golden's are famous for chewing gram!

While making sure you have all your paperwork (KC records, R-records, pesticide tests, etc., pet insurance introductions), they can even provide a sample of your diet so that You know who can use it. Sludge also gives you an information pack for harassing dog care, but what I'm giving you is a lot of information.

You will also need a dog brush to get into the habit of dressing. In the next few months, she will need an artificial dog to bathe. You should also make sure to see your veterinarian for injections, general check-ups, and advice as soon as possible.

A kennel is a good idea, but not all dogs like it. Give them an old bed and a box first, but buy them a good quality hard plastic bed with a nice blanket in which they grow very fast for a few months.

Remember, if you have young children, make sure you can sleep when you are tired. You may want to play with her, but she is like a baby, she needs sleep. Also, make sure they aren't handling it too much or keeping it around. You have to get your bearings and find your way. Never leave a dog with small children.

Make sure with your Golden Retriever that they are lovely, playful, and loyal dogs and that you will enjoy them for years to come.

When I had my dog ​​I was sure he ...

Dog bed

Dog food

Food / water cup

Some toys

Lots of newspapers to exercise

Dog bite

Carpet cleaner (due to minor accidents!)

Dog leash, collar, collar tag

I also have a book for mute dogs, but there is a lot of information about the dog, their development, needs, and a section to learn if it doesn't suit the puppies. . 6 is worth it.

Golden Retriever Puppy Starter Kit

Golden Retriever Puppy Starter Kit

Maybe necklaces and ropes

Dog food and behavior

Beds such as dog beds or blankets

Faces fall off quickly

I have owned Dorado for 5 years. And now they are wonderful pets, very loyal and happy

I have a lot of wholesale toys myself, these cute dogs and kids, they can be serious furniture makers and so on. I have Apex 9 now and he has no problem, you will not believe that his good behavior is not real :)

Golden Retriever Puppy Starter Kit