Golden Byakugan

Golden Byakugan

Naruto: What is the Golden Biking? ۔

What to do.

Links or photos?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Someone posted Do you think Jonan can beat private humility?

And someone else bet me that he would play private games to get the legendary Gold Bikogan. q = cache: ft5Cn0I0m7cJ: w ...

I went to this page.

Well, that's a theory that people form. I read Naruto and saw them all, and so far there has been only one Golden Bikoon.

He says it's a better version of Bikogan that can do more ... the full version. They came up with Zetsu's idea because he's in bed like a bikon, but he has golden eyes or golden eyes ... I don't really understand. It's just real

But I can safely say that it was not necessary to submit and this is an idea that is disappearing. They have a fan club there. If you want to investigate, it's called Golden Bikoon FC.

Help for example! _

Golden Byakugan