Definition of Gold:

  1. (Trading Symbol GC) - A precious metal traded on the spot and futures market. On NYMEX a contract unit of gold equals 100 troy ounces. One tick in the price of gold is $.10 per troy ounce, or $10 per contract. There are exceptions, but in general, the exchange will call a halt to trading if the price of gold fluctuates more than $75 per troy ounce ($7500 per contract) above or below the previous days closing price. Maximum daily price fluctuations are lifted during the final 20 minutes of the trading day. See Minimum Price Movement.

Synonyms of Gold

Affluence, Aluminum, Americium, And pence, Assets, Aureate, Aureateness, Auric, Bar, Barium, Beige, Beryllium, Bismuth, Bottomless purse, Brass, Brassy, Brazen, Bronze, Bronzy, Buff, Buff-yellow, Bulging purse, Bullion, Cadmium, Calcium, Canary, Canary-yellow, Cash, Cerium, Cesium, Chrome, Chromium, Circulating medium, Citron, Citron-yellow, Cobalt, Coin gold, Coin silver, Coinage, Coined liberty, Cold cash, Copper, Coppery, Cream, Creamy, Cupreous, Cuprous, Currency, Dollars, Dysprosium, Easy circumstances, Ecru, Embarras de richesses, Emergency money, Erbium, Europium, Fallow, Fallowness, Ferrous, Ferruginous, Filthy lucre, Flaxen, Fortune, Fractional currency, Gadolinium, Gallium, Germanium, Gilded, Gilt, Gold nugget, Gold-colored, Gold-filled, Gold-plated, Golden, Handsome fortune, Hard cash, Hard currency, High income, High tax bracket, Holmium, Independence, Indium, Ingot, Iridium, Iron, Ironlike, Lanthanum, Lead, Leaden, Legal tender, Lemon, Lemon-yellow, Lithium, Lucre, Luteolous, Lutescent, Lutetium, Luxuriousness, Magnesia, Magnesium, Mammon, Managed currency, Manganese, Material wealth, Medium of exchange, Mercurial, Mercurous, Mercury, Mintage, Molybdenum, Money, Money to burn, Moneybags, Necessity money, Neodymium, Nickel, Nickelic, Nickeline, Niobium, Nugget, Ocherish, Ocherous, Ochery, Ochreous, Ochroid, Ochrous, Ochry, Opulence, Opulency, Or, Osmium, Palladium, Pelf, Pewter, Pewtery, Phosphorus, Platinum, Polonium, Possessions, Postage currency, Postal currency, Potassium, Pounds, Praseodymium, Precious metals, Primrose, Primrose-colored, Primrose-yellow, Promethium, Property, Prosperity, Prosperousness, Protactinium, Quicksilver, Radium, Rhenium, Riches, Richness, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Saffron, Saffron-colored, Saffron-yellow, Sallow, Samarium, Sand-colored, Sandy, Scandium, Scrip, Shillings, Silver, Silver-plated, Silvery, Six-figure income, Sodium, Soft currency, Specie, Steel, Steely, Sterling, Straw, Straw-colored, Strontium, Substance, Tantalum, Technetium, Terbium, Thallium, The almighty dollar, The wherewith, The wherewithal, Thulium, Tin, Tinny, Titanium, Treasure, Tungsten, Upper bracket, Uranium, Vanadium, Wealth, Wealthiness, Wolfram, Xanthic, Xanthous, Yellow, Yellow stuff, Yellowish, Yellowishness, Yellowness, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zinc, Zirconium

Meaning of Gold & Gold Definition

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How Do You Define Gold?

  1. You can define Gold as, A prestigious precious metal in times of high inflation. For mutual fund investors, gold can also refer to shares of gold mining companies and gold bars.

Meanings of Gold

  1. Yellow precious metal, the chemical element with atomic number 79, which is mainly used in jewelry and decoration and guarantees the value of the coin. An alloy of gold.

  2. Intense and bright yellow or gray.

  3. Coins or other gold items.

  4. Knitted or colored like gold.

Sentences of Gold

  1. When stocks slow down, precious metals like gold rise as investors seek security in times of uncertainty.

  2. Your eyes are bright green and shining with gold

  3. Your ankles and wrists are shining with gold

  4. Earn gold

Synonyms of Gold

gilt , halcyon , aurelian , auric , aurous , gilded , auriferous , aureate


What is The Meaning of Gold?

  • Gold means, A precious metal in times of high inflation. For general investors, gold can also refer to shares of gold mining companies or bullion bars.

Meanings of Gold

  1. Yellow precious metal, a chemical element with serial number 79, which is mainly used in jewelry and decoration and guarantees the value of coins.

  2. Bright, dark yellow or pale brown.

  3. Archery target

  4. Made like gold or colorful.

Sentences of Gold

  1. Your eyes are bright green and full of gold.

  2. Your ankles and wrists shine with gold.

  3. Gold earrings


What Does Gold Mean?

A precious metal is often prone to high inflation. For ordinary investors, gold can also refer to shares of gold mining companies or bullion bars.

Meanings of Gold

  1. Made like gold or colored.