Gold Vs Silver Tequila

Gold Vs Silver Tequila

Is the silver tequila different from or equal to gold wine?

I recommend avoiding juice curry at all costs.

Look for 100 Blue Agao products (Curos have some, but far more).

AG based color

There are 4 types of wine.

White / Silver / Platinum: Up to 6 months old. You have a lot of stock flavors.

reposados ​​/ reposés (or, if you prefer): This is between 6 months to 1 year. You will taste agate and oak flavors.

Age / Age (dark, if you prefer): Your age is between 1 and 3 years. A lot of oak flavor

uros / super age / smooth: at least 3 years old.

Whites and Reposados ​​are better at drinking, while Aegis and Aros are better.

There is a fifth CL tequila called Juvenile, but this is only due to alcoholism, which is not 100 blue avius. Color is added to make it golden. You drink gold there.

Gold Vs Silver Tequila

Gold Vs Silver Tequila

Juice Curio Silver Tecla

This page can help you.

Come back:

Is the silver tequila different from or equal to the gold wine?

I only had alcohol so far. .

Does silver taste like gold?

Who is the same and different?

Silver Tequila is a clear wine that can contain 100% agave or a blend. This wine does not solidify in a stainless steel tank for more than 60 days, if at all. Gold wine is an unconventional silver wine with a caramel color and flavor.

Golden wine is usually soft and sweet, and great for sewing. Silver Tequila has more than one tea and is commonly used for margaritas and mixed drinks.

Silver / White: Wine without aging

Gold - with extra caramel to shape the unprocessed tequila to age / comfort (just look, don't try!).


Both use agave sugar.

Nor is it usually cooked in an oak barrel.

Both can be 100 agave (high grade) or blends (51% agave, 49% second sugar, low grade alcohol).


You will rarely see 100% Agave Gold Wine (100% Blue Agave Silver is more common).

Taste: Gold is not a standard wine. I don't think you should add caramel to a good wine, but it's just me. There is a clear and strong presence of perfume in white. Not all white wines are difficult, some may be better and smoother than other premium spirits.

E: Getting gold is usually cheaper (unless the kidnapping is really less, as it is now). You can still find 100% EVOV quality spirits near you.


Stick with 100 blue blue agave wine. If it doesn't say 100%, it's a mixed bag. This will dramatically improve your tactical experience.

Forget Jose and the mentor - it's all hype to support you. Try Heradora, Don Julio or Corellijo (this is another great find, but it's a great playlist).

If you want to see all the Tequila categories, check out the link below.

There are two main types of wine: blended and 100% agave. No less than 51 ag is used in the mixture, and the rest of the sugars make up the rest. This mixture uses glucose and fructose sugar.

With 100 ag agave tequila, the white or silver tequila is harder with the intense flavor of the already distilled agave, while reposado and ejo are smoother, smoother and more complex. Like any old wine, the wine has a windowsill aroma while the hardness of the wine is soft. The main flavor differences of 100 ag agave tequila are the basic ingredients, which are more plant-based than grain spirits (and usually more complex).

Wine is usually packaged in one of the following five types.

White (E) or Silver (Silver): The spirits that are unclean and bottles or immediately after remission. The latter are storeless or have been in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels for less than two months.

Life (clear) or gold (gold): This is a white or silver wine with a caramel or food coloring. If the caramel flavor (not the color of the food) is used to make the wine golden, the use will reduce the loss of golden wine because a hint of caramel slightly increases the hardness of the mouth and throat compared to the taste of caramel. Gives. Wine Silver or White Some examples are Jose Curio Gold or Souza Gold

Reposodo (Repos): At least two months in oak barrels of any size, but less than a year

Iso (age or older): At least one year, but less than three years in a small oak barrel.

Extra age (extra age or ultra age): This oak barrel lasts for at least three years. This category was created in March 2006.

Gold Vs Silver Tequila