Goku Jr Parents

Goku Jr Parents

Who are Goku’s parents?

Bardock GineWith that in mind, what happened to Goku’s parents?

Goku’s mother is Gine, the wife of Baddack. She was mentioned in the original Dragon Ball manga when Raditz told Goku that his parents died with planet Vegeta. Gine was a former member of the Bardocks team.Who are the parents of Goku Jr. Ruben, the father of Goku Jr., is an Ultra Kuzon / Supreme Bolt fanfiction. This story is about Goku Jr.'s father and Pan’s son Ruben. How Ruben walked with him and his wife, who died in childbirth, shortly after the birth of his son.

Who is the Goku family?

The Son family is descended from grandfather Gohan, who adopted little Saiyan Kakarot, whom he renamed Son Goku in the 737s. Goku was born on planet Vegeta as the second and youngest son of Bardock and Gine, making him Gine’s younger brother and Bardock’s eldest son, Raditz.

Will Goku meet his parents?

It is possible that if Goku wants to revive him with Dragonballs, he will have to see his father and meet him, but in Dragonball Super no one has confirmed that he will be back, but in Super Dragonball Heroes he will be back and confirm it We do not know if he will meet his son, we do not know if Baddack will return

How old is Goku?

Goku was 3 years old when he came to earth. It’s been 42 years, which means Goku is 45 years old. But don’t forget that Goku has been ■■■■ for 7 years and raised his age to 38.

What is Goku’s real name?


Has Goku met his mother yet?

Goku meets his mother Gine (Dragon Ball Super)

Who is the strongest Saiyan?

Every Saiyan here is classified from weak to strong. 1 APPRECIATED. It is quite obvious who the most powerful Saiyan of all time is as Goku is the main character in the series. 2 VEGETABLES. 3 GOHAN. 4 BROLI. 5 TRUNK. 6 GODS. 7 cabbages. 8 CAULIFLA.

Why is Goku so powerful?

Goku is strong because he cheats. He dies and is dragged away by the gods.

Who else has had this joy?

Maybe what he died made him stronger too, and he just didn’t realize it, because when he came back to life he was already much stronger than when he died. .

What is Goku’s last name?

Son is Goku’s surname, derived from his adoptive grandfather Son Gohan. In Japanese, the surname comes first. So Son Goku.

What are the names of Gokus’ mothers?


Baddack really ■■■■?

Baddack is from Universe 7 and has no way to live on planet Salada (Saiyan Planet), which is in Universe 6. Baddack doesn’t live in Universe 7 either, because he died long after fighting Freeza.

Is that Broly Goku’s brother?

The older man is the one who raised Broly after the boy was banished by King Vegeta, and Broly now thanks his parents. It seems the boy is considered a cannon, so Vegeta can add an older brother to the resume. After all, the Gokus family tree is the most carnal. Saiyan was born of Bardock and Gine.

The son of Turle’s Bardock?

Turles has nothing to do with Kakarot.

The only parents (thoroughbred Saiyajin) are: Baddack, Raditz, Kakarot (Gine is not canon) Is Xicor’s son Goku?

In the Dragon Ball AF manga, Xicor [2] is a son of Goku. Xicor is the youngest son of Goku, but due to the deception of the Avenger Western Supreme Kai, he is partly Saiyan and partly Kai. He is considered a Saiyan god. Xicor arrives on earth with his mother, Western Supreme Kai.

Is Goku stronger than Naruto?

Naruto has his main chakra, Kurama and Sage mode. Hence, Goku is much stronger than Naruto. But if Naruto takes hits from Rasenshuriken, there is a good chance that Gokus’ chakra points will be closed / destroyed and there is no guarantee that he can use his energy, in which case Naruto will win!

Does Goku love his family?

Oh Goku definitely loves his family. He is very selfish and puts his wishes for him (training for example) above your safety, but when you are in danger he will protect you.

Is Goku really that strong?

Goku is the famous and beloved hero of the Dragon Ball franchise. Driven by his desire to be as strong as possible and to overcome all his limits, Goku has become a legendary character. From the outside and the inside, you probably assume he’s the strongest character on the show.

Goku Jr Parents