Going-Concern Value

Going-Concern Value,

How To Define Going-Concern Value?

  • Operating value is the value that assumes that the company will operate indefinitely and remain profitable. The value of continuity is also called the total value. This contrasts with the amount that will be realized if your assets are depleted, the closing price, because the residual trade has the potential to continue to generate valuable profits. A business should always be considered a business unless there is good reason to believe that it will go bankrupt.

    • The future value is the idea that the company will continue to operate and be profitable.
    • The goodwill process is the difference between the cost of doing business and the cost of closing.
    • Operating value is usually higher than settlement value.

  • You can define Going-Concern Value as, The value factor assigned to the property is based on the ability of the company or corporation to continue to operate and acquire after the transfer of ownership.

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