Definition of Goal:

  1. A pair of masks attached to the bars (in football, soccer, rugby, hockey and other sports) and often attached to the net behind them, creating an internal space or where the ball is sent for marking. Have to go

  2. The purpose of a person's desire or effort is the desired goal or result.

  3. A final result that can be measured with observation and one or more objectives that must be achieved in the shortest possible time.

    More details can be found at howtodiscuss.com.

Synonyms of Goal

Stopping place, Ideal, Reason, Objective, Hole, Finale, Objective, Intent, Resting place, Basis, Hit, Idea, Catastrophe, By-purpose, Object, Target, Omega, Finis, Curtain, Last words, Score, Purpose, Calling, Sake, Apodosis, Payoff, Point, Lodestar, Ultimate aim, Intention, Decease, End in view, End point, Ground, Last things, Last gasp, Period, Grand slam, Reason for being, Guiding star, Holy grail, Haven, Duty, Guiding light, Destination, Butt, Teleology, Harbor, Cause, Quietus, Ambition, Terminal point, Function, Home run, Purpose, Coda, Inspiration, Doom, Aspiration, Ending, Desired result, Last stop, By-end, Object in mind, Mark, Last, Matter, Game, Swan song, Source, Culmination, Z, Conclusion, Eschatology, Crack of doom, Prey, Grail, Slam, Target, Consummation, Quintain, Object of the exercise, Spring, Plan, Intention, Destiny, Stoppage, Consideration, Mainspring, Final solution, Principle, Envoi, Design, Vocation, Epilogue, Hole in one, Pursuit, Curtains, Ceasing, Use, Final cause, Aim, Aim, Terminal, Finish, Homer, Last trumpet, Strike, Desire, Izzard, Final words, Object, Latter end, Finality, Terminus, Term, Touchdown, Last breath, Ulterior motive, Peroration, Windup, End, Quarry, End, Resolution, Stop, Bourn, Fate, Effect, Motive, Death, Expiration, Anchorage, Denouement, Termination, Final twitch, Port, Cessation

How to use Goal in a sentence?

  1. The team has reached its sales target and needs to convert only 15 new customers to meet the business goal.
  2. Excited for the new year, Jennifer set a goal of losing 22 pounds next year and set up a table on her wall to track her progress.
  3. Foxley said there are still difficulties in organizing the event, which includes installing some rugby or football poles instead of football goals.
  4. Education in law school has become the most important goal of his life.
  5. I always use job reviews to set short and long term goals for the job.

Meaning of Goal & Goal Definition

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