Definition of Glut:

  1. Market situation where the supply of a good or service far exceeds its demand, usually resulting in a substantial fall in its price.

Synonyms of Glut

Allay, Batten, Be infinitely repetitive, Be tedious, Bellyful, Bolt, Bolt down, Choke, Clog, Cloy, Congest, Congestion, Cram, Crowd, Deluge, Devour, Drag on, Drench, Engorge, Engorgement, Excess, Fatigue, Feast, Fill, Fill up, Flood, Fullness, Glutting, Gluttonize, Go on forever, Gobble, Gorge, Gormandize, Gulp, Gulp down, Guttle, Guzzle, Hyperemia, Inundate, Irk, Jade, Jam, Jam-pack, Live to eat, More than enough, Nimiety, Overbrimming, Overburden, Overcharge, Overdose, Overfeed, Overfill, Overflow, Overfreight, Overfullness, Overgorge, Overlade, Overload, Oversaturate, Overspill, Overstock, Overstuff, Oversupply, Overweight, Pack, Pall, Plethora, Raven, Repletion, Sate, Satiate, Satiation, Satiety, Satisfaction, Satisfy, Saturate, Saturatedness, Saturation, Saturation point, Sicken, Skinful, Slake, Snootful, Soak, Stall, Stodge, Stuff, Superabundance, Supercharge, Superfluity, Supersaturate, Supersaturation, Surcharge, Surfeit, Surplus, Swamp, Tire, Tire to death, Wear, Wear on, Weary, Wolf, Wolf down

How to use Glut in a sentence?

  1. The sudden glut of paper clips in the market place had caused a huge down trend in the price of the product, and this had the manager worried.
  2. Sometimes you will end up with a glut of a product and will have to put on a sale to get rid of the excess.
  3. Sometimes you make to much of a supply not calculating the demand correctly and must get rid of the glut .

Meaning of Glut & Glut Definition