Definition of Glossary:

  1. Alphabetically arranged reference work that gives brief definitions of words related to a specific topic. Also called controlled vocabulary.

  2. An alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

Synonyms of Glossary

Amplification, Bilingual text, Biographical dictionary, Chemical dictionary, Clavis, Crib, Decipherment, Decoding, Desk dictionary, Dialect dictionary, Dictionary, Dictionary of quotations, Electronics dictionary, Etymological dictionary, Faithful translation, Foreign-language dictionary, Free translation, Gazetteer, General dictionary, Geological dictionary, Gloss, Gradus, Interlinear, Interlinear translation, Key, Lexicon, Loose translation, Metaphrase, Nomenclator, Onomasticon, Paraphrase, Phrase book, Polyglot dictionary, Pony, Promptorium, Restatement, Rewording, Rhyming dictionary, Science dictionary, Slang dictionary, Specialized dictionary, Synonym dictionary, Synonymy, Terminology, Thesaurus, Transcription, Translation, Transliteration, Treasury of words, Trot, Unabridged dictionary, Vocabulary, Word list, Wordbook, Answer, Clue, Solution, Explanation, Pointer, Cue, Lead

How to use Glossary in a sentence?

  1. For a quick overview of every subject theyd studied, Mr. Lombardo encouraged his students to thoroughly review the glossary of their class textbook.
  2. While I was reading the science textbook I frequently used the glossary to remind my self of what the scientific words meant.
  3. I suggested my friend add a glossary to his textbook as many readers are unfamiliar with the language he used in his book.
  4. A glossary of Inuktitut words.

Meaning of Glossary & Glossary Definition