Global Method

Global Method,

Global Method Meanings:

  • Under the global system, the profits of each member of a multinational company (MFA) are not calculated on the basis of a reasonable ratio, but the total profits of the company are distributed to the members of the multinational company on a four-pronged basis. For example, each member's business includes the cost of each member, or the labor cost of each member.

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Meanings of Global:
  1. Connected to the whole world, to the whole world.

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  1. The global economic slowdown

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world, worldwide, international, intercontinental


Meanings of Method:
  1. A special process for acquiring or dealing with something, especially an organized or established process.

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  1. How to restore software

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method of working, medium, procedure, modus operandi, means, system, formula, routine, practice, technique, process, mechanism