Global Macro

Global Macro,

What Does Global Macro Mean?

  • Global Macro can be defined as, A comprehensive economic strategy is a hedge fund or mutual fund strategy that is based primarily on the broader economic and political ideologies of different countries or their economic principles. Holdings can include long and short positions in a variety of stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and futures markets.

    • A comprehensive economic strategy focuses its assets on the economies and policies of different countries or their economic principles.
    • This strategy is mainly used by hedge funds and mutual funds.
    • The three types of global economic strategy relate to currencies, interest rates, and stocks or stock indexes.
    • Types of funds include discretionary global macro funds, global macro funds for commodity trading advisers and global military macro funds.

Literal Meanings of Global Macro


Meanings of Global:
  1. The world is connected to the rest of the world.

Sentences of Global
  1. The global economic downturn

Synonyms of Global

worldwide, international, world, intercontinental


Meanings of Macro:
  1. A single statement that automatically extends a series of statements to perform a specific task.

  2. Means macro lens

  3. Usually on a large scale.

  4. Related or used in macro photography.

Sentences of Macro
  1. All analyzes were performed with an Excel spreadsheet macro.

  2. Many also work as useful macro (close-up) lenses.

  3. Analysis of social events at the macro level

  4. The lens has a macro setting for close-ups