Global Depositary Receipt (GDR)

Global Depositary Receipt (GDR),

How Do You Define Global Depositary Receipt (GDR)?

Meaning of Global Depositary Receipt (GDR): The Global Certificate of Deposit (DDR) is a bank certificate issued in more than one country for shares in foreign companies.

Literal Meanings of Global Depositary Receipt (GDR)


Meanings of Global:
  1. The world is connected to the rest of the world.

Sentences of Global
  1. The global economic downturn

Synonyms of Global

worldwide, international, world, intercontinental


Meanings of Depositary:
  1. People who trust something.

  2. (Shares or Receipts) Representing shares of a foreign company. Shares or payment slips are exchanged on the stock exchange of the investor's country and not on the actual shares held in a foreign bank.

Sentences of Depositary
  1. In the 17th century, goldsmiths hoarded the rich man's gold

  2. Last spring, the government offered foreign investors a certificate of credit on the New York Stock Exchange.


Meanings of Receipt:
  1. The act of accepting or accepting.

  2. Prescription

  3. Mark as a receipt.

Sentences of Receipt
  1. I would be grateful if you would accept the receipt of this letter.

  2. I spent hours in the kitchen trying all sorts of recipes

  3. Copies can be accepted and returned to you

Synonyms of Receipt

receiving, reception, getting, obtaining, gaining, cooking directions


Meanings of GDR:
  1. Democratic Republic