Glicose Baixa Sintomas

Glicose Baixa Sintomas

Do you have symptoms of low glucose or dehydration? ۔

What is the reason for this?

The source of the symptoms?

Or do you have low glucose?

Where is hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia or low bloodless mobile action rate less than 70 mg / dL. (Or the ideal blood sugar range is between 70 and 120 mg / dL without blood). Or, hypoglycemia can come on suddenly and lead to coma and cannot be treated. It is important to identify the cause, understand the symptoms and manage your condition.

What causes hypoglycemia?

Too little food, too much insulin, too much medication and too much exercise can cause hypoglycemia.

Do you have any symptoms?

Symptoms include tremors, tachycardia, sweating, restlessness, numbness, loss of appetite, blurred vision, weakness, fatigue, calmness, irritability, or two.

Other important moments:

Foods used to treat hypoglycemia; extra food that is commonly eaten.

Frequent episodes of hypoglycemia or overeating may not help with weight gain.

It is important to educate close friends and family about the causes, symptoms and approved treatments for hypoglycemia, including the use of glucagon.

Do not give diabetics food or supplies to treat hypoglycemia if they are incapacitated or unconscious.

Some show you how to treat hypoglycemia.

Or car is not blood (it is possible)

Items 3 and 5 refer to non-screening and treatment of hypoglycemia.

Drink or eat something with 15 grams of carbohydrates in less time or like:

Glucose tablets (this is the best choice), or.

But or less than 1/2 fruit sauce, or

But or 3/4 less soda (CocaCola © © melr), or

Ordinary ball (with sugar).

Wait 15 minutes.

No bleeding from the car again (or in the first case not the last time). If you are not measuring your blood pressure or if your blood is less than 70 mg / dL, or if your symptoms are not trembling, eat or drink more food containing 15 grams of carbohydrates.

If symptoms stop, take breakfast, starch and protein, or continue eating or take notice immediately. Other examples of wrestling:

Half a glass of milk and 2 or 3 water and salt cookies.

Half a sandwich.

A slice of cheese and 6 water and salt crackers.

1 tablespoon peanut noodles and 6 tablespoons water and salt.

Glicose Baixa Sintomas

Glicose Baixa Sintomas

Symptoms of low glucose occur, suggesting that ism circulation is related to glucose. Because ... the jam is over. What to do when your glucose is low ... go to mc donalds. birthday


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Everyone who feels bad is normal, stupid, sweaty, cold, sleepy, dizzy, gone. These are all low glucose symptoms. Or to do this, put a little sugar or candy in your mouth or a little trick or mild summer, give 50% glycated sour cream and get help. The reason is usually yes, people with persistent diarrhea, persistent vomiting, arthritis or bleeding episodes go away, or there are people whose glycine temperature is also low, the same doctor. It also comes in the form of diabetes, because the medications that take it basically always need to go to a confectionery that has no pockets and discover the symptoms of low glycine. Ah kiss

Or make low glucose.

Glicose Baixa Sintomas