Definition of Given:

  1. Specified or stated.

  2. Inclined or disposed to.

  3. (of a document) signed and dated.

  4. Assumption, estimate, premise, or quantity provided, or accepted as a fact, at the outset.

  5. A known or established fact or situation.

  6. Taking into account.

  7. Past participle of give.

Synonyms of Given

Specified, Stated, Designated, Set, Particular, Specific, Named, Identified, Delineated, Prescribed, God-given, Accepted, Accorded, Accounted as, Accustomed, Acknowledged, Actuality, Addicted, Affirmed, Alleged, Allowed, Apt, Apt to, Assumed, Assumption, Assumptive, Bent, Bestowed, Boundary condition, Calculated to, Catch, Certainty, Charitable, Clause, Complimentary, Conceded, Condition, Conditional, Confirmed, Conjectured, Costless, Dedicated, Deemed, Disposed, Disposed to, Dispositioned, Donnee, Eleemosynary, Escalator clause, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Expenseless, Fact, Fine print, Fixed, For free, For love, For nothing, Foreordained, Free, Free as air, Free for nothing, Free gratis, Free of charge, Free of cost, Freebie, Giftlike, Given to, Gospel, Granted, Gratis, Gratuitous, Grounds, In the mood, Inclined, Inclined to, Inferred, Joker, Kicker, Liable, Liable to, Likely, Likely to, Limiting condition, Minded, Minded to, Noted, Obligation, On the house, Parameter, Postulated, Postulational, Prearranged, Predisposed, Predisposed to, Premised, Preordained, Prerequisite, Presumed, Presumptive, Presupposed, Prone, Prone to, Providential, Provision, Provisional, Provisions, Proviso, Provisory, Putative, Ready to, Reality, Reputed, Requisite, Saving clause, Set, Settled, Sine qua non, Small print, Specification, Specificative, Specified, Stated, Stipulated, Stipulation, Stipulatory, String, Supposed, Suppositional, Supposititious, Suppositive, Taken for granted, Terms, The truth, Ultimatum, Unbought, Understood, Unpaid-for, Untaxed, Vouchsafed, Whereas, Without charge, Established fact, Reality, Certainty, Considering, Taking into consideration, Taking into account, In view of, Bearing in mind, Giving consideration to, Keeping in mind, In the light of, Prone, Liable, Inclined, Disposed, Predisposed, Apt, Likely

How to use Given in a sentence?

  1. Our level of knowledge on any given subject.
  2. At a couture house, attentive service is a given.
  3. Given the complexity of the task, they were able to do a good job.

Meaning of Given & Given Definition

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