Give back

Give back,

Definition of Give back:

  1. The action of an employee relinquishing certain benefits or compensation packages as a method of increasing an employers capital. An employee will usually perform this action if he or she believes that they will receive some sort of benefit in the long run such as a promotion, raise, or bonus.

Synonyms of Give back

Back out, Backtrack, Backwater, Bring back, Crumble, Extradite, Fail, Fall back, Falter, Place in, Put back, Reactivate, Recommit, Reconstitute, Reconvert, Recruit, Reenact, Reestablish, Refill, Reform, Rehabilitate, Reinstall, Reinstate, Reinstitute, Reintegrate, Reinvest, Remand, Remit, Repatriate, Replace, Replenish, Restore, Retire, Return, Revest, Send back, Take back, Weaken, Withdraw

Meaning of Give back & Give back Definition