Definition of Gilt:

  1. Covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint.

  2. Gold leaf or gold paint applied in a thin layer to a surface.

  3. Long-term fixed income debt security (bond) issued by the UK government and traded on the London stock exchange (or LSE, now called the International stock exchange of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland or ISE). Its name comes from the past practice of gilding the edges of a securitys pages. See also treasuries.

Synonyms of Gilt

Acting, Affectation, Appearance, Attitudinizing, Aureate, Auric, Barrow, Beige, Bluff, Bluffing, Blunt, Boar, Boodle, Brass, Brassy, Bravery, Brazen, Bread, Bronze, Bronzy, Bucks, Buff, Buff-yellow, Cabbage, Canary, Canary-yellow, Cheating, Chiffon, Chips, Citron, Citron-yellow, Clinquant, Color, Coloring, Copper, Coppery, Cream, Creamy, Cupreous, Cuprous, Deception, Delusion, Dinero, Disguise, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissimulation, Dough, Ecru, Facade, Face, Fakery, Faking, Fallow, False air, False front, False show, Falsity, Feigning, Feint, Ferrous, Ferruginous, Festoons, Finery, Flaxen, Folderol, Foofaraw, Four-flushing, Fraud, Frilliness, Frilling, Frills, Frills and furbelows, Frippery, Front, Froufrou, Fuss, Gaiety, Gaudery, Gelt, Gilded, Gilding, Gingerbread, Gloss, Gold, Gold-colored, Gold-filled, Gold-plated, Golden, Grease, Green, Green stuff, Hog, Humbug, Humbuggery, Imposture, Iron, Ironlike, Jack, Kale, Lead, Leaden, Lemon, Lemon-yellow, Luteolous, Lutescent, Masquerade, Mazuma, Mercurial, Mercurous, Meretriciousness, Moolah, Mopus, Nickel, Nickelic, Nickeline, Ocherish, Ocherous, Ochery, Ochreous, Ochroid, Ochrous, Ochry, Oil of palms, Ointment, Oof, Ooftish, Or, Ostentation, Outward show, Paste, Pewter, Pewtery, Pig, Piggy, Piglet, Pigling, Pinchbeck, Playacting, Porker, Pose, Posing, Posture, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Primrose, Primrose-colored, Primrose-yellow, Quicksilver, Razorback, Representation, Rhino, Rocks, Saffron, Saffron-colored, Saffron-yellow, Sallow, Sand-colored, Sandy, Seeming, Semblance, Sham, Shekels, Shoat, Show, Silver, Silver-plated, Silvery, Simoleons, Simulacrum, Simulation, Sow, Speciousness, Spondulics, Steel, Steely, Straw, Straw-colored, Suckling pig, Sugar, Superfluity, Swine, The needful, Tin, Tinny, Tinsel, Trappings, Trickery, Trumpery, Tusker, Varnish, Wampum, Wild boar, Window dressing, Xanthic, Xanthous, Yellow, Yellowish

How to use Gilt in a sentence?

  1. With the look of genuine horror he relates how some people even made a living burning old gilt frames for the gold.
  2. Follow the application instructions for your choice of finish, paint or gilt.
  3. Many people would prefer to invest in a gilt instead of taking on high risk stock options that could end up as a loss.
  4. The gilt provided a steady source of lending for the firm as the money was lent to the company in hopes it will succeed.
  5. Sometimes it is a much safer bet to put your money into a gilt instead of a much more volatile stock option.

Meaning of Gilt & Gilt Definition


What is The Definition of Gilt?

  1. A title issued by the British government

Meanings of Gilt

  1. Cover well with gold foil or gold paint.

  2. Gold foil or gold paint is applied to the surface in a thin layer.

  3. A young smell.

Sentences of Gilt

  1. Touching on real horror, he told how some people even made their living by burning old gold.

  2. Follow the instructions in the application to choose your choice, color or gold.

  3. The first strategy widely used in lean oven lines is to increase the amount of body fat in the pre-breeding season.