Gifts For 21 Year Old Female College Student

Gifts For 21 Year Old Female College Student

Rthday / gift for kids 21 years old? 3

A good friend of mine is studying abroad for one of the next semester. He is scheduled to leave on the 21st and will leave on Sunday. My question is, I don't know what to give as a farewell / birthday gift ... it's totally part of Anisan culture, but it's already there, so I'm a little lost. He's only been back for four or five months, so I can't give him a gift certificate ... Any ideas?

It depends on what you like.

I prefer it when someone gives me a book especially as a travel gift because I like to read on my air travel :)

If he likes to listen to music, give him a CD or better, make a CD of all his favorite songs.

Since it's been 45 months, you can even give her a picture that reminds her of you, as if the picture of the two of you was framed in a nice frame ...

Give it a teddy bear if you want it easy :) A teddy bear is always the winner with the girls.

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Yes sir. International card and maybe a few yen. So, when you get off the plane, you can freshen up outside the airport and have a drink while waiting for the bus or train. . . There is a lot of moisture. If you get a chance to visit, go there ... This is a beautiful country and one of my favorite tourist destinations.

Gifts For 21 Year Old Female College Student