Definition of Gifted:

  1. Having exceptional talent or natural ability.

  2. A talented or smarter than average individual. Todds school considered him a gifted child and skipped him to the next grade after making that assessment..

Synonyms of Gifted

Talented, Skilful, Skilled, Accomplished, Expert, Consummate, Master, Masterly, First-rate, Polished, Adroit, Dexterous, Able, Competent, Capable, Apt, Deft, Adept, Proficient, Able, Ace, Adroit, Apt, Born for, Brainy, Bright, Brilliant, Capable, Clever, Crack, Crackerjack, Cut out for, Dexterous, Endowed, Excellent, Expert, First-class, First-rate, Good, Keen, Keen-witted, Made for, Master, Masterful, Masterly, Nimble, Nimble-witted, No dumbbell, Not born yesterday, Outstanding, Quick, Quick-thinking, Quick-witted, Scintillating, Sharp, Sharp-witted, Skilled, Smart, Steel-trap, Superb, Superior, Talented, Top-drawer, Top-flight, Top-notch, Virtuoso, With a flair

How to use Gifted in a sentence?

  1. A gifted amateur musician.

Meaning of Gifted & Gifted Definition