Gift Of Equity

Gift Of Equity,

Definition of Gift Of Equity:

  • The gift of a home is to sell the house to a landlord or a person with whom the seller has a close relationship for a price lower than the current market value. The difference between the actual selling price and the market value of the house is the actual equity. This method gets its name from the fact that the sale price is much lower than the actual market price of the house. Because of the difference in price, the transfer is considered a gift or a reward, but physical money has not changed.

    • The Home Equity Award includes selling a home below its current market value.
    • Property donations usually involve family members, usually parents selling their home to a child.
    • Most lenders allow gifts to be counted as in-house payments or down payments.

  • Gift Of Equity definition is: Seller's equity contribution to the buyer, which is used as an advance on the purchase of the house.

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