Getting Braces At 18

Getting Braces At 18

Is it weird to be 18? 3

Dentists always tell me I need treatment. I have 4 teeth in the bottom row that look dirty, some in front and some behind. They are not united, they are side by side.

My top line is quite standard. Nothing really happened there, especially my last line.

Is it weird that he's so old?


Sorry to bother you in the fall.

It never takes long to understand. When I was 20, my teeth came out and my teeth came out. Depending on the condition of your teeth and the amount of money you have, you can choose from a number of options. The first option is loyal customers. The other is ceramic, where the shoe has the color of the teeth and only looks threaded and elastic. My sister has them and they are less noticeable than normal dogs. The third method is Invisalign. I have that These are the things that clearly look like retainers that move your teeth. Some teeth have P-colored teeth to ensure the movement of teeth. If your gear isn't too bad (my top is big enough and I can still get it), you can use it. I went to university and nobody noticed they were there. A friend of mine was angry when I took her to dinner (just looking for a handkerchief to do so in public). He says he never saw anything in my teeth. This is the third most expensive version.

I have a friend who used this ab in the mid 70's, he used it for 2 years. He was determined to stay healthy in every way. She is 80 years old, looks 60 years old and is healthy, and now has beautiful straight teeth thanks to her teeth.

The teeth with the wrong section are on one side. Dense teeth can make gum cleaning difficult and prevent gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Also, the upper and lower teeth should be the same. When the upper and lower teeth get stuck in the wrong way, chewing becomes unbalanced and can cause painful jaw problems.

I basically have the same teeth as you.

And I'm 19 and I'll never make it.

I really can't see why Audi can see my lower teeth.

I don't find it strange at all. It's a shame you have to deal with it now, but I know people between the ages of 12 and 25 and 43 and it doesn't matter unless you feel better and the results Be happy

PS No need to apologize for falling, you just have to calm down.

After 12 years, you can get it anytime, it never takes long to straighten your teeth.

Treatment will take at least 1416 months.

I bought it when I was 19 and I still use it (20). There is nothing strange about that. Generally, no one sees your dog unless you are smiling broadly in direct sunlight.

Accepted if you have a jaw problem at the door.

Getting Braces At 18